Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fashion show....fashion show...fashion show at lunch!

I didn't want to try these on and figure out how to take pictures of myself (plus, it's a pretty bad hair day), so you're stuck just envisioning what they would look like on a human being. I wanted to show you anyway, cause well...it's just fun to show your girlfriends new clothes (or at least, relatively new).

Outfit #1
Here we have the skirt purchased on clearance. It's a size too big, but with the belt, it should work just fine. My mom gave me this shirt from her closet to go with it. I thought I could pair it with these little brown flats shown or a pair of chocolate brown riding boots when it gets colder. Yes? No?

Outfit #2
This is that black skirt (kinda hard to see any features in it), which is replacing my beloved polyester skirt, so.... The two shirts are from my mom's closet. She tossed the antique little button-down with a more updated long layers tank underneath to add some color and youth to the whole picture, and the belt pulls it all together really well. I wasn't too sure about this outfit...I'm still not, but Cath said, "YES", so I guess I'll trust her judgment. At least until someone tells me, "NO."
These are my new little ballet flats. I like them quite a lot and am told I can, and should wear them everywhere. Outfit #3
I can also toss the black skirt with this v-neck from my mom and these little pumpkin-colored sandals, which she found on clearance (a pair for each of us). Happy Halloween!? Too much? This outfit needs some color if I'm wearing it together, but I don't have many chunky cool beady necklaces that are so cool right now. Any suggestions? A scarf? Help!

Outfit #4
I can also toss this jacket (mom donation) over the top when it gets really cold outside. It's a shorter jacket (hits just above my waist), but it's cute and fun.

It looks a little crazy in this picture. Here's a look at more of the detail of it.

So there you have it. Feel free to post your input and opinions, since we're hopefully all friends here. I'll try not to cry. Go!


HRT said...

Very cute! Classic, not too trendy. Love it. I wish I could wear a belt but I look terrible with anything even tucked in.

Shelese said...

Yay, I love these! I can totally picture them on you and in that picture you are babe-a-licious!!!
Outfit #2 is my favorite... i'm in love with all the belts out lately... I haven't bought myself any, but I'm in love with them in the magazines and now I'm in love with yours!! It's so cute!

Shelese said...

my Lisa just came in and pointed to your awesome white skirt outfit and said "I want that dress!!" I said "sorry it's my size but I want it too! Isn't it cute??"

It really is so darn cute. great find Ames.

Lin said...

love the sweater/belt/tank outfit. very cute and just trendy enough to make it look like you aren't trying to be trendy...which is a good thing.

flats are amazing...old navy has great ones in all different styles that usually go on sale at some point but are about $20 tops regular price. they are nice because you don't feel bad wearing them all the time because they can be replaced easily...unlike more expensive flats that i tend to wear just to church or when i am going somewhere nice. flats are my favorite accessory. :)

very cute new clothes. i am tres jealous. :)