Thursday, September 27, 2007


We went to the grocery store last Saturday and they had all their Halloween stuff out, including the life-sized ghouls and mummy's that start moving around and talking to you when you pass by. I wondered what my brave Boo would think of it. We walked by and the figure did his thing, and she said, "That's Sair-Key(scary), mommy. I don't like that guy."

I love Halloween. When I lived at home post-graduation, I really got into it, since I had lots of money and time on my hands. I went to the pumpkin patch and bought THE HUGEST pumpkin I could possibly find. You know the kind you see at the county fair? All ugly, misshapen, but HUGE!? It was lots of fun. My siblings were in heaven - they couldn't believe it. We had to carve it with a saw. Tim designed the jack-o-lantern (I wish I had a digital picture to share, or a scanner). It was the talk of the neighborhood.

Our first Halloween with Boo, we dressed her up as a flower:

I might mention that JB firmly believes in doing home-made costumes. This limits me, since I can't sew (one of my greatest life regrets). I thought I did a pretty good job with the felt leaves and the petal hat (can you see the staples?).

The next year we decided on a family theme and dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, Grandmother and the Wolf. Don't you just LOVE the hair that JB glued to his hands? He's a crack-up.

Then last year, we got the stomach flu. It was miserable, and lasted for the entire week. We were confined to the house, and passed candy through a little crack in the door, so as not to contaminate the trick-or-treaters. The best I could do was to go out and buy Halloween t-shirts at Old Navy for the kids. Tip: if you go to Old Navy the day of Halloween, you can buy all their stuff for 75% off.

So, that brings us to this year. Any ideas on what we can be as a family four-some? Preferably a theme, hopefully something I can make myself or purchase inexpensively.

*I just realized that Boo looks totally unhappy in all of these photos. Haha. "It's fun!"


Onthego Family said...

Our kids are going as Tigger (Goose) and Eeyore (Blue). Goose suggested I go as Piglet and GoDad as Pooh, but we vetoed that one. (We're not as fun as you guys). I bought their costumes on ebay for under $10 each (including shipping). But then I was at the used kids' store here and they had TONS of costumes. Next year I'll shop there first.

What about Fred & Wilma Flintstone and their two kids? (Did they have two kids or one -- I can't remember now.)

Or you could do characters from Peter Pan.

Or three of you could dress up as zoo animals and then JB could be the zoo keeper.

Or you could do the three little Indians ... except there are four of you. But that would be a really easy costume to make!

Amy said...

Ooohhh, good ideas! Fortunately, I have a few weeks to pull any of those together. This is going to be fun! Be sure to take pictures of your kids to share. $10! You always find the best deals on E-bay!