Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'll Be Seeing You...

I think it was L-train, who once dated a guy long-distance. He arranged to have her view the same movie as him at the same time in their respective movie theaters, and also sent money to her to get Chinese food, so they had this clever "long-distance dinner-and-a-movie-night date"! Pretty creative.

I've been looking forward to attending the Relief Society Broadcast all week. It's always nice to hear from our leaders, and it's extra nice to listen without any interruptions! I hope that all of you pals will be able to attend the broadcast. Tell you what...I'm going to think of each of you during the opening song (Shelese, you too...but your blog is invite-only). A smile will be on my face. It'll be like we're all there together! Deal? I'll see you later, then.


1 comment:

Shelese said...

What a great idea! And that was an awesome opening song too, huh!! Loved it with the women's voices! Amazing.