Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Beauty is Found Within

We checked out Disney's Beauty and the Beast from the library a few weeks ago. Boo has really enjoyed watching the "dancing part" and the part where Beast is getting a bath. I've been feeling pretty ugly lately. You know that feeling? My round brush snapped in half, so it's been an absolute chore to do my hair. Some days I don't even bother. I need a haircut worse than anything, which my mom is helping me obtain today. Mom just senses these things. "You probably could use a haircut. Why don't I book two appointments and we could take turns then go out to lunch! I've also got some garden vegetables that we need help eating." (sigh)

Yesterday we went to Target to get some headbands for Boo. She'd done such a great job all day in being nice and not making messes, I thought she deserved a little treat. We got home and we were playing "hairdresser", where she basically man-handles my hair and puts every single clip and headband that she owns on my head. When she finished, she cupped my face in her hands and said, "You are SO Booyiful." Thanks, Boo. :)


HRT said...

I can't wait until my Little Lady is old enough to want to do bows in her hair. Right now she pulls them out faster than I can put them in! You need to post a picture of your new haircut!

Amy said...

Yeah, I should post a picture. Has anyone seen our digital camera? Doesn't hurt to ask. Maybe I left it at your house?? It's been lost for weeks. :( I'm debating cutting myself bangs after Cath got hers cut so cute today. Nothing drastic...just some swoopy, longer bangs? took so long for them to grow out, though.

Onthego Family said...

I've regretted EVERY TIME I've ever given myself bangs. But hey, if Cath can pull them off -- and HRT, too -- then you probably can also! Do post a pic.