Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Craig n' Martha

It's my parents' 37th wedding anniversary today. I'm sure glad they got married. Otherwise this probably wouldn't have happened:

I'm told you can spot a "Hale" smile from a mile away.

Mom and Dad are such a sweet little pair. They met in college when they were set up by their Spanish teacher. My mom was taking beginner Spanish and my Dad was taking advanced post-mission courses. My Dad says when he first caught sight of my mom he wondered, "where has she been all my life?" And so it began...

Mom and Dad work hard together. They've worked hard all their lives, providing for our large family and moving all over the country with Dad's job. Now that they are retired, they are still busy, both out there in the garden, slaving away pulling weeds or harvesting something, working on a project in the house or preparing a lesson. They both teach English-as-a-second language together and enjoy that a lot. They appreciate and enjoy classical music. I have a vivid memory of going to bed as a young girl and getting out of bed to lay on the floor and listen to Mom and Dad play classical duets together on the violin and piano. They are truly "help meets" for each other and I love to see how they serve one another and can strengthen where the other is "weak". They raised nine kids (against the advice of both of their parents) and I think we turned out pretty well for the most part. I guess we're all still "turning out", but I think they are just the greatest parents. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!


Onthego Family said...

What a great family! Happy anniversary to the 'rents.

mothergoose said...

Wow you all are so beautiful! Great trademark smiles for sure! I hope they had a great day!