Thursday, August 2, 2007


A few weeks ago, I wanted to do something really nice for JB. I looked around and tried to think of some service I could do that he would really appreciate. I looked outside and thought, "the lawn"! So, I pulled some toys out onto the deck for the kids and revved up the Toro. I remembered my mom telling me to start the mower on a hill, so you can use the momentum of the downhill to help you pull the ripcord(?). haha. You can tell I don't usually mow lawns.

About an hour later, I had a nice, mowed lawn (front and back). It was actually quite a nice little workout for my arms and felt great to get outside and accomplish a project from start-to-finish. The other lovely thing is that unlike vacuuming, where it's messed up the moment you are done, the lawnmower lines are visible for days! It's the small things, I tell you!

JB appreciated the service, but asked that I not mow the lawn again. I did a great job, but apparently my mowing the lawn made him feel like he was shirking his husband-ly responsibilities. :) Today was overcast and cool for the first time in a LONG time. I wanted to get outside and do something, but I didn't want to hunch over and pull weeds. Toro was calling my name...I answered. Is that bad? I only mowed the back! Maybe he won't notice. ;)

P.S. That's not a picture of our backyard, but I thought it was a cool picture!


laurenthequeen said...

Although Wil and I go through this sometimes... the whole helping him makes him feel like he isn't doing his job... I have NEVER been tempted to mow the lawn. EVER. :)

HRT said...

You totally crack me up! Dave would be thrilled! I mowed the lawn once and then came inside and said, "Ok, this job will forever be yours."

Amy said...

I'm telling you, I've NEVER had the desire before. I had brothers, you know? That was THEIR job. It's honestly just recently. I don't know what's happened to me! Cool, I'll come over to YOUR house and mow the lawn for Dave! At least I can get my TORO fix somewhere! Maybe I should start my own lawn-mowing business! haha.

mothergoose said...

that is so hilarious... keep on mowing. maybe you can trade JB for help with your wife-ly/mother-ly responsibilies :) so he doesn't feel bad ya know?

sometimes we just need a change from the same ol same ol chores... great story once again amy!

Onthego Family said...

I got into trouble when I started asking, "Do you think we should cut the lawn this weekend?" I was told that's his domain and if I keep asking them I'm not letting him be in charge of it and feel good about it when it gets done.

I've started trimming the bushes and pulling the weeds instead. He doesn't seem to have any problems with that!

love.boxes said...

Go you! I love this post. I think you did a really nice job!