Tuesday, July 3, 2007

You're a Grand Old Flag

JB and I were trying to think of an FHE to have last night that was both patriotic as well as fun for two kids under three. We decided to learn about the flag. I brought out my US Capitol flag that I got as a gift when I left my job to move to UT. I let them touch the stars and the stripes. Boo counted the white and red stripes and we talked about the colors and the numbers and what they symbolized (in the most basic language, of course).

We taught Boo to put her hand on her heart when we see the flag and JB and I sang a stirring rendition of the National Anthem. It reminded me of the times when HH, Train and I would stand with our hands on our hearts every work-day at noon, when our favorite country radio station (which we listened to all day long) would play the national anthem. We could be on a conference call or even reading Harry Potter and we would all pause to honor the anthem. Good times. One day our boss, Todd even joined in on the fun.

Anyway, following our discussion about the flag, we made a flag together out of red licorice and mini marshmallows. I printed out a template of the flag on the computer, and colored in the blue with colored pencil. Hot glue would have worked better for the licorice, but I didn't want to mess with hot glue and kids. We used Elmer's and then let it sit overnight.

It was fun! Both making it and eating the extras! File it away in your 4th of July craft idea box. You've all got one of those, haven't you? haha.


HRT said...

That is so cute and crafty. Makes me wanna gag. :) Just kidding. It's filed away now in my 4th o' july box. You are such a good mom. I just keep telling Goose he gets to see fireworks.

mothergoose said...

Ha, I love that radio station too. How funny. Wish you all were still out here. Great idea for FHE, smarty pants. I think we will do it tomorrow or the next day, looks just easy enough for me.

laurenthequeen said...

I still listen to that radio station and think of the I.S. when I hear the Anthem at noon. Good Times. And what a great idea for FHE. I'm definitely saving that one for next year!

Amy said...

What is the name of that radio station? I keep wanting to say K-Bull 93, but that's Utah's radio station.