Friday, September 11, 2015

Nerf Gun Battle Games

The social part of school has been rough on Monkey.  I remember in Kindergarten having to email the teacher to ask her help with him on the playground because he would just sit by the classroom door all recess long.  Monkey is a kind, thoughtful boy, but he's more introverted like me.  Big groups?  No thanks.  Lots of small-talk and socializing.  I don't think so.  So, asking him to hop into a new school as a 4th grader when he hasn't experienced EVER being the new kid was tough.  He spent many recesses alone on the playground, but this didn't seem to bother him.  I like that he's thoughtful about his friendships.  Monkey isn't just going to hope into a friendship with just anyone.  They can't be mean or get into trouble or talk TOO much, or want to play a competitive sport, etc. 

Josh felt really anxious about helping him find friends.  He felt strongly that we should at least try to help create a smaller environment where he could get to know a few kids a little better so he could then extend that friendship to school.  Josh's idea for a Nerf Gun party was well-received.  He made an amazing invitation, which was passed out to all of his classmates (boys and girls).  About nine kids showed up, including a boy in his Primary class who attends a different school.  

Thanks to Uncle Isaac for loaning us his Nerf Gun arsenal!  Josh took the afternoon off and set up this amazing back-yard playground for the kids!  It was seriously incredible.  He had rules and boundaries and a jail and a maze to go through and hide-outs, etc.  

The kids who showed up were a great mix, including one brave girl who came to join the fun.  I told her Monkey would be glad she's here and for her not to be nervous because Monkey had an older sister who could keep her company.  She blinked at me and said, "Nervous?  I'm not nervous.  They're the ones who should be nervous (cocking her nerf gun).  I've got serious aim!"  okay!  

The kids played and had a great time!  Josh served as the referee and coach, and he was so wonderful!  I went and got pizzas and drinks and other orange-colored snacks to fit our NERF theme.  Monkey was so pleased with the party!

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Sarah said...

Such a great idea to have a smaller crowd on his home turf. Hope things are going well for him.