Sunday, June 8, 2014

Trait Hair

I love Diddles' curls!  It's her defining feature, and they really represent her spunky personality.

She made this art project the other day by carefully peeling a banana, gluing it to the paper, then writing on the peels!

I'm not sure genetically where her curls came from, but it's fun to see what they can do.  

The other day following a bath, she made another (of many past requests) to "make it trait."  Boo's hair and mine are both strait, so I think she feels a little 'odd-man-out'.  Not sure if her brown head standing out from our blonde ones has registered yet.  

I had a little time, so I broke out my blow dryer, round brushes and plugged in the flat iron.  It took a long while, and much coaxing.  I was surprised that although her curls aren't tight, they sure wanted to go where they wanted (much like Diddles herself).  

We bought a lot bag of clothes on Craigslist, and a pretty pink ballet costume was also included with the tops and bottoms.  She changed into this tutu and put on some dress "slippers" to finish off the look!

She kept it straight fora couple days, and although it stayed tucked behind her ear a little easier and out of her face, I found myself doing double-takes when I would see her.  Completely different look!  I missed her old doo.  

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Catherine said...

Wow she does look different with it straight!! But just as cute ;)