Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dog Day in Summer

Today started out with big plans:  We were going to tackle the front bushes, which were resembling a jungle, and needed a good trim!  Lawn needed to be mowed.  We had grocery shopping to do, and the house to clean!

When I went to the kitchen to open the curtains to the back deck, all of our plans changed.  There sitting under our bench was a little dog!  It looked like she'd been there all night.  She was VERY friendly, hungry and thirsty, and although she had a nylon collar, she didn't have any ID on her.

I was surprised how much she looked like a miniature Scout.  Same black muzzle, beauty mark, soft, expressive ears, and fan-tail.  It was like a little visit from heaven.  :)  

And so began our day with a dog!  

We went to the store and got some dog food, and gave her water.  Although she wanted to come in the house, she seemed content to stay out on the back deck and play with the kids.   She let them pet her and pick her up, and would lie down to have her belly rubbed.  Our loud, active kids didn't' seem to phase her.

They were in HEAVEN, to say the least!  "What was it's real name?  What breed of dog is it?  What should we call it?  (the kids came up with 'Buddy' - so original) CAN WE KEEP IT, IF IT DOESN'T HAVE AN OWNER?"  Needless to say, it was a major source of excitement and entertainment!

Hungry dog, getting a meal and some water.

Diddles consulting her dog book to figure out what breed it could be.

We posted a FOUND dog ad with the animal shelter, and Boo got right to work making FOUND DOG posters to put up all over the neighborhood.  I tell ya, you want a project done, Boo's your man (girl). She loves to be "in charge" of important projects.  "Mom, I used two colors, so it would really stand out."

 I was surprised that when Josh (our dog-averse Dad) came home for lunch, and he saw the dog, he let it right inside.  As dogs go, it was the perfect size and temperament.  He wasn't even opposed to considering keeping it!

I went grocery shopping, and Boo opted to stay home with the pup.  He spent the afternoon napping -  right at home.

After I got home, I had the thought to double-check Craigslist, and found an ad for a LOST dog, who had run away and been missing for three days.  There was no mistaking, this was his dog!  THREE DAYS missing, can you imagine?  I quickly called the owner, who was over-the-moon excited and relieved we had his dog.  He drove right over, and it was a sweet reunion with "RUSSELL", who turned out to be a HE, instead of a SHE!  :)  He said he was a Pomeranian, Poodle and Chihuahua mix, and that's as big as he'd get.

After he left, the kids were pretty bummed.  Boo said, "The house feels so quiet and boring.  I wish we had a dog."

Well, it was a fun day with a dog (while it lasted)!

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Catherine said...

We have an extra dog if you guys want one!! She sure is sweet :) I can't believe how much Boo's handwriting looks like yours!