Friday, February 14, 2014

Will You Be Mine, Valentine?

Valentine's Day 2014 was simple and sweet.  No big fuss necessary!  I helped the kids pick some homemade Valentines, which proved to be more challenging than I anticipated.  Boo picked construction paper woven hearts, but I forgot the weave pattern we picked LAST year was MUCH easier than the one we did this year.  It took us forever to weave them all.  

Yaks' idea was a lot simpler, but my cute idea to use Washi tape to secure the tops of the bags backfired, when they all started to come undone, and Swedish fish were spilling out of their "bowls".  "Mom, no offense, but I don't think this is the best design."  :)

Diddles' teacher sent home a note and said we could send Valentines if we wanted.  I thought it would be fun for her to pass out Valentines to her friends (like the big kids), so I printed out a sheet of pink cardstock hearts, and we glued My Little Ponies to the front (it was a fun activity!).  Hoping to give her some practice in writing her name, I instructed her to write "Diddles" on each heart.  She shook her head, and said, "No, dis one is for Pranav, not Diddles!"  She couldn't be convinced.  She thought each heart should say the name of the person receiving it.  Case closed.  The only problem was, I couldn't remember the names of the kids in her class!  They have unusual names like "Diamond" and "Linh" "Wdjian".  No way could I remember them all, let alone how to spell them!  So after several meltdowns, we tucked the blank cards in her pack-pack, along with a note to the teacher, explaining our quandary.  It AAAALLLL worked out.

For dinner we had ravioli with a couple sauces, heart-shaped steamed carrots, salad, lots of rolls, ice cream sundaes for dessert.  I tried a cream sauce recipe with the pasta, but I didn't add enough seasoning.  Underwhelming.  I did quite enjoy the jell-o parfaits, and Josh brought home a quart of Caramel Cashew ice cream from the Creamery.   Win.

Following dessert, I gave the kids an open-book comprehension exam on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  They've been listening to it on CD for several weeks, and finally finished it!  Happy to say they got a great score, which gave us the green-light to watch the movie.  We really enjoyed watching it together!

Speaking of writing names:  Just recently I started finding little scraps of paper with all the letters in Diddles' name neatly written out.  Granted, they aren't in order, and aren't perfectly formed, but they are all written out.  Lots of things I love about her little signature:  

The six horizontal lines in the E, because three just isn't enough 
The boldly dotted "i"
The valiant attempt at a lower-case "a"
The fact that one was signed on a door, and the other was signed on a wall
Both signed in pen



Trish and Matt said...

Those signatures couldn't be any cuter! Ok ... well, maybe if they were on paper instead. ;)

Dianna said...

You said Valentine's Day was "simple" and "no big deal" this year. I wish I could muster up your imaginative simplicity! You are such a wonderful mom and wife. They are lucky to have you as their Valentine mom.