Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thirty-Five on the Thirty-Fifth

We celebrated Josh's birthday, starting with a Monday night FHE activity.  I had the older kids fill out a survey of Josh's favorites, just to see how they compare with his answers.  It was quite funny to read their guesses that his "best friend" was a former co-worker, and that his favorite book was, "Dad doesn't read."  We clarified that he doesn't have time to read for "fun", and that he usually doesn't read hard-copy books. ;)

His birthday day, we kids got up early and laid out the hand-made cards (which were his favorites), along with all of the healthy treats.  Funny story: I got a whole BAG of all of his favorite sweet treats, but the turkey discovered my hiding spot and ate all of them in a late-night sugar binge!   I pieced together the remaining treats, and made some cinnamon rolls and OJ for breakfast, and we all went off to school/work for the day.  Good grief!

Balloon pom-poms (Boo) , a pop-up card (Yaks), and Diddles' signature,
along with a picture of a "scary monters".  Maybe they ate all the treats?!

Josh wanted to run 35km for his 35th birthday (to each their own), so off he went just after lunch for a nice run.  The weather held out better than I thought, but it was still snowing sideways for most of his run. He was cold and wet when he got home, but he made it!
I took this photo from our upstairs window.  Nice and warm in here!

Following work, Josh chose a dinner OUT for his birthday meal.  It's so nice we are all old enough now we can somewhat enjoy a warm sit-down dinner at an establishment w/o causing a scene!  We enjoyed burgers, fries, gyros and fish tacos at our local restaurant - South Fork.

We didn't snap any pictures of dinner, but it was pretty exciting to run into Boo's teacher.  One draw-back for our small-town teachers, chances are you're going to run into a former student everywhere you go!  I appreciate the little assortment of lunch boxes they have for kids.  Each lunchbox has 5-6 little McDonalds toys inside, that kids can play with while waiting for their food. Diddles LOVES these!  Great idea!

After dinner we cut into a delicious home-made chocolate cake, after singing twice and blowing out the candle twice as well.  (sigh) Diddles. 

"It's my birt-day!"  Nice Dad let us all sing to her and blow out the candle.  

"Okay, your turn, Dad!"
Chocolate cake and ice-cold milk!

We sure love our Dad!  

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Sarah said...

That photobomb is so funny! Sounds like a great day for him. Card, treats, dinner out, a run...a run - to each their own. :)