Monday, November 25, 2013

I Volunteer!

Boo and Yaks' last day of school was Friday.  We get a WHOLE week of Thanksgiving.  :)  Diddles has school until Wednesday, so Boo REALLY wanted to go volunteer in her class (read: Boo wanted to be in charge of something.)

So, we decided to teach them a couple fall-ish songs, "Leaves are Falling All Around", and a cute one called, "Autumn Leaves are Falling".  Then we let them glue dried beans/peas/popcorn kernels to a cut-out leaf.

When we arrived, the kids were out at the playground.  Diddles spotted us, and came running over to the fence, "Look, it's my Boo!"  Pretty cute.  We got to see all their routines, and how they do circle time and washing hands, and rotating centers, etc.  Yaks made the funny comment, "It's pretty loud in here, and they don't seem to be doing ANY school work at ALL!"  haha.  On the way home he made a nice observation, "I guess they just learn things in a different way in preschool."

Boo and Yaks helping kids make Bean Leaves

The big kids were really popular!  All the boys wanted to sit next to Yaks, and all the girls couldn't get enough of Boo.  They picked up the songs really quickly, and we got to watch them play in their centers (sorting colors/shapes, matching, pretend play, building blocks and puzzles).  We stayed for lunch, and at first the older kids were REALLY excited, until they saw what was being served:  Egg salad on a pita, cucumbers with ranch dip, and peaches.  ha, ha.  Diddles ate her whole lunch, as always.  Awesome.
Showing the kids around

It was interesting to watch how Diddles interacts with her fellow peers.  She's definitely more quiet at school, and doesn't really insert herself into playing with the other kids.  She kind of does her own thing, just like she does at home.  We did see her making wood chip "cakes" outside at recess with another girl.  Compared to the other kids her age (especially the girls), she's got a long way to go with language and social/emotional things, but I sort of knew that already.  It was just interesting to have it confirmed in observing her.  Unless there is some major progress made, I'm really leaning towards having her wait another year for Kindergarten, even though she's technically old enough to go next year.
Individual instruction with  Miss Elizabeth, a WSU student, who graduates next month!

Either way, I'm so happy with the progress she's made, and glad for the blessing of having her attend Head Start.  It's been a great thing for her!  I appreciate her teachers and the program, and all it does for my child.  Fun to be in there today!  :)

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