Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fall Football

We had a fun day today going to a football game!  Josh bought tickets to three or four games, but he has only been able to take the older kids, and even then, they only lasted the first half, due to the late start time.  This time we were all able to go, and it was an exciting matchup:  WSU vs. Utah!

The game started at 12:30pm, so the sun was high, and it was almost warm outside!  The older kids were excited that it was so warm, and thought that they "might not even NEED coats"!  (we brought coats).  Boy Scout Josh got us out the door with a Thermarest, hot chocolate, gloves, hats and blankets. We're always happy when Josh heads our expeditions.  It always turns into a comfortable, fun time!

Bus Stop
We caught the shuttle up to the game almost right outside our door around the corner at the Aquatic Center.  Boo walked over early to "check the schedule" and returned and reported when we needed to be at the bus stop.  That Boo, she keeps us in check, I tell you.

Loading Onto the "Coug Bus"
Riding on the "Coo" bus
The bus dropped us off right at the stadium entrance.  It took us a bit to get down the stairs to our seats, but one of the wonderful things about our town is that everyone is just so kind and patient.  I turned around a couple times to apologize that Diddles was slowing traffic as she carefully took one stadium step. at. a. time.  They were so great, "Not to worry!"  "We're not in a hurry!"  "We don't want anyone falling!"  The kids were really excited to watch the game, and they had a lot of questions about the rules and the points.

I'm sure our neighboring fans laughed several times at hearing me (of all people) try to explain the rules of football!  "Okay, so they want to carry the ball to that white line with all the writing."  (Uh, the ENDZONE?)  haha.

Our seats were in the shadow of the stadium, and it was at least 10 degrees colder than the sunlit side.  Yikes, it got chilly!  Everyone was glad they brought their coats!

Josh was of course,  cheering for the Utes, and had on his red sweater, red sunglasses and red Ironman hat!
One guy commented on Josh's "Monsters Inc." hat!  haha.

People were pretty tolerant of his cheering.  Our neighboring fans were so nice.  You never know who you will get as "game neighbors", but I was glad we had some sober, polite people.  They gave the kids high-fives every time there was a touchdown, and they loaned some hand-warmers to Diddles.  So nice.

By half-time the Utes were trailing,  Diddles was getting restless, and Yaks was "bored".  I left with them and we hopped right on a warm shuttle home.  Awesome!  It was a fun time!  I'm glad we went.  Final score was 49 - 37, WSU.

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