Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Diddles!

Dear Diddles,

Oh, my goodness, look at yourself then and now!?  

I cannot believe how much you've grown in four years!

This year has been a year of great growth for you.  You're off-the-charts in your height = 43 inches, and 99th% in weight = 46 lbs!  You ditched the diapers and potty trained yourself.  You were my fastest and youngest trained of all the kids - hooray for you!  You also got rid of your binkie, which was very hard, but you did it.  Your language has improved so much without it!

You've exploded with words this summer, and have made so much progress!  You're putting words and sentences together so well.  You're asking FOR things and asking ABOUT things, and making COMMENTS, and I can tell your brain is working on sorting all of it out.  You are starting to enjoy conversations with other children and with adults, which is a huge step for you!  Today you were looking at your watercolors and listing all of the colors in the tray.  If you took a little too long, I would help you with the word for the color, but you put me in my place, "No, I do it."  and would all over again, repeating it until you got it all right.  So great!

On the long car trip home yesterday, you did so great at expressing yourself.    (I think it was when we had you turn off your overhead light.)  "Mom!  I be MAD at you!  I very ANGRY wiff you!  I so fwustwated." I know for anyone else this would just be an annoying tantrum, but for me, this is wonderful progress to hear you talk about your feelings, both good and bad.  I'll take it gladly.

Making a "no-man"
"I get eggs!"
You are by far our best, albeit our slowest eater.  You'll try anything and everything, and you even make your own creations when you're feeling like "greakfast" or "munch".  A few weeks ago it was a peanut butter and fresh cracked pepper sandwich, which you made for me (so sweet), and then sat and watched me, as I ate every spicy bite!  Yummy.  You love anything pink.  You adore animals, especially horses, cats and dogs.  You love to swim and paint and cut up paper.  We've had two incidents this year of you cutting your bangs!  Fortunately, neither were to the scalp - whew!

You loved this brown horse at Whistler this weekend!

Dad's favorite picture of you -
at the laundry mat with mismatched shoes and goggles, eating fries.

You love to listen to music, especially Primary songs ("I Love to See the Temple") and "Happy Birthday".  You love animals and picture books, and have entered the wonderful world of pretend play this summer.  I don't know if the "friends" are imaginary or if you pretend to be two different people, but you have two separate voices, and the second you wake up, you are galloping around the house, making sound effects and carrying on a delightful conversation of whispers, squeals, screams and laughter as you play with "them".  It's delightful.  I'll have to capture it on camera sometime, but you get embarrassed when I interrupt you in any way, so I'll have to be really sneaky.  :)

You are very independent, and like to do things by yourself.  You enjoy solo time, away from distraction.  Taking turns is still really, really hard, especially with siblings, but you'll get there!  Our favorite phrases you say to them are, "Top busying me!"  (Stop bothering me) and "I not doing anysing sunting!"  (I'm not touching your legos or cutting up your homework or drawing on the walls!)  You love doing what the big kids are doing, and although you are a bit of a drag on their fun, they love you a lot.

We're all so excited for you to start a year of Head Start preschool next week.    You can't wait to go on the "coo bus".  It will be so wonderful!  You loved school last Spring, and are excited to go again.  We learned that dear Betsy will be your speech therapist at the school.  We've enjoyed some sessions with her this summer, and are excited for the things you'll get to learn in a group setting.
Off to school last Spring

"I a carry (scary) monter (monster)!"

No cavities!  It was a miracle.  

Flying kites!
 We celebrated your birthday a little early with Nana and Papa while we were in Whistler for Dad's Ironman.  They were so sweet to bring a cake from our favorite Utah bakery.  You were so excited about it!  The kids picked out some gifts and we brought pink Hello Kitty decorations to create a little party in our hotel room.  It was good fun!  We won't tell you that your actual birthday was entirely spent in the car, traveling home.  

So excited about her cake!

Blowing out the candle!
 A happy birthday girl!

You saw these little stuffed animals in the stores, and wanted to take one home for ages.
Thanks Nana and Papa for the special presents!

Lots of fun at the park in Whistler, BC!

 We love you so much, little Diddle-brains.  You are such a joy.  I love being your mom, and we love having you a part of our family.  I'm excited to see what FOUR will bring.  Happy, happy birthday!


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