Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Camp 2012

Despite having just moved, I knew that if I didn't make a diligent effort to organize ourselves, the kids would be bored or attached to the TV all summer.  I also knew we wouldn't have use of the car for half the week, so I needed to organize activities that we could do around the house.

The kids and I mapped out the remaining months of the summer and organized each day of the week with something to do.  It's nothing major, but at least once a day, the kids have something to do and something (hopefully) to look forward to.

Mondays we make or bake something
Tuesdays we go to a park (ward park play group)
Wednesdays we do a craft or art project
Thursdays we go to the library
Fridays we have a movie or go on some sort of outing ie) bowling, ice cream, etc.

This past week was our first trial run.  

 Jell-o Cookies

The kids helped measure and mix, roll, bake, and of course, eat!  Found the recipe on Pinterest.  They taste a bit like Trix, but in a soft cookie form.  Kids loved them!  I thought they were too sweet and it just seemed odd to have a cookie taste like fruit.   It made a LOT of cookies.  I wish we had halved the recipe. 

Tie-Dyed Shirts

Tuesday's park day was rained out, so Yaks got to invite a friend over and we Tie-Dyed t-shirts to kick off the summer.  This activity is SO fun, so long as you don't have anyone under 3 running around, trying to grab the dye bottles and "do it" by herself!!!

That part was a little stressful, but we got through it, and the kids were excited all day to see their finished shirts out of the dryer.  We got this tie-dye kit at Wal-Mart for about 15$.  It came with the dye, bottles, gloves, rubber bands and directions! 

Trip to the Nursery

Diddles had speech class, so after that we went over to our local nursery and let the kids each choose a flower to care for this summer.  Our deck is pretty weathered and both it and the front porch needed a little color!

I got some petunias, Boo and Diddles chose some pink geraniums, and Yaks chose some corn starts, since he didn't like flowers.  :)
Boo's flower, Yaks' corn.
Guess who's flower this is, with the blooms half-gone?

Library Day

Library day we ventured out and walked to and from!  Diddles enjoyed her Chariot ride, and going there was great.  On the way home, we stopped for some kid cones at Cougar Country, but it was still a tough walk home.  It's mostly all uphill.  It was almost noon and climbing into the 80's.  I know that doesn't sound like much, but when we've been in the 60's and 70's ALL spring/summer, it was a relative heatwave, friends!  Diddles wanted to "do it" and push the Chariot by herself instead of ride, plus we were pushing about 30 extra pounds of books!  I was a sweaty mess when we finally got home.  Boo's words were perfect, "That was tough, but we DID it, Mom!" 

School Park

Friday we tried out our shortcut to school behind our house.
I know that path's kind of hard to see, but there's a faint line where the path is.
 We clocked it, making it door to door in 10 minutes!  We mapped out landmarks and street names, and talked about next year and how fun it will be to walk to school.  Right!?  We played at the school park for a couple hours, but I think the kids found that school playgrounds are a lot more fun with lots of friends! 


We have a neighborhood deer that I think considers our cul-de-sac home.  Our neighbor told us about her, as she shook her head, and frustratedly gave me all kinds of deer-prevention tips for the garden.  She LOVES squash plants and made a quick snack of those.  She's left the beds of tomatoes and onions alone, but that could be because our kids are SO LOUD.  Either way, she hasn't come into the backyard yet, so I don't mind her so much.

Diddles is fascinated by her, and they came almost head-to-head yesterday when we were getting the mail.  It was so funny to watch the deer with a little person.  "Should I run from you or trample you?  Fight?  Flight?  Fight?  Flight?"  Diddles learned the word "deer", which is always followed by "Santa!"  When it runs away out of view, she says, "Deer go seep.  Santa."  haha.  Precious. 

All-in-all it was a good start to the summer!  I think it's going to be a good one.  :)

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