Sunday, July 1, 2012

Service with a Hiccup

Yesterday I had the older kids with me while running a few errands. Our Walmart is at the top of a huge hill. We noticed a girl with a broken motorized scooter at the bottom of the hill, visibly exhausted, suddenly sit down and start crying. Yaks noticed her too, and said, "we should give that girl a ride up he hill!"

Well, you don't need to prompt me twice, so I flipped around and drove back down the hill and asked if we could help her. Her scooter battery died, and she was needing to get to Walmart. We turned on our hazard lights, loaded up her scooter and drove her up the hill where she would meet her ride home. No big deal. The kids sat quietly in the back, except for Yaks started hiccuping. She was so sweet, thanking us and God-blessing us. She's the assistant manager for a motel in town, and told us we could stay at her motel anytime! We went along with our errands and I told the kids how happy I felt being able to do a small service and help someone.

Thinking the kids would add in their wonderful feelings for having helped someone, Yaks said, "Yes, I feel good inside, except that service gave me the HICCUPS!".


unevensideburns said...

That was so cute says Asha.

Dianna said...

That is so funny! I'm glad there are people like you and your little family to help those who are stranded and in need.