Friday, March 16, 2012

Lost Tooth and Stitches

Sometime around Yaks' birthday last week, I overheard a little conversation between him and Boo. It was along the lines of, "Yaks, now that you are six years old, your teeth will start to fall out! Yep, that's what happens when you're six!" I kind of closed my eyes, grimaced and smiled. I didn't think any teeth would be falling out anytime soon, but whatever!

Nothing sweeter than a baby-toothed smile. :)

Well, wouldn't you know it a few days later, Yaks had a loose tooth, and not the typical front tooth or bottom teeth, but the top lateral incisor (I looked that up)!

It was pretty wiggly last night, and one thing Josh can't stand is a loose tooth that wants to be pulled. I think he's secretly starting a tradition as being the person who pulls out his kids' first tooth. It took a try with the dental floss and then a couple good tugs with his fingers and out it came! Yaks was pretty brave. Boo "couldn't watch". haha. Unlike Boo, who "wanted to keep her teeth" and was "afraid" of the Tooth Fairy, Yaks was all for some mythical creature coming to visit and leaving him money! :) Fun family times! It's like any first for your kids - each first is always exciting!

Speaking of exciting, this morning both Yaks and I got a special gift. My friend Marie is a wonderful seamstress, and has an amazing eye for design. She creates beautiful clothes for her family, and I love to admire her beautiful creations on her blog. When I first saw this talk/video by President Uchtdorf, I thought of my friend, Marie.

She offered to help me learn to follow a simple pattern and learn to sew some skirts for Boo! Boo is beyond thrilled, and so am I! Today she helped me alter a summer skirt. I found this Ralph Lauren skirt at the DI while visiting my parents. $4.00!I'm not usually a loud-pattern kind of skirt-wearer, but I thought the blues in the skirt were too fun to pass up! It was a size too big, so Marie helped me pin it, hem it and trim the excess with a serger! I'm so excited to have her as a tutor.

She also generously gifted Yaks her boys' old Lego carrier. She MADE this from seeing a similar one online! Can you believe it? It folds out flat to become a play mat, then snaps together into a carrier for your Legos!We've been using this storage box, but it's falling apart! I could tell Yaks was SO excited about it when she gave it to him. As soon as we got home, he grabbed his box of Legos, dumped it onto the mat and tried it out. I wish I would have captured the joyful expression on his face and his excited giggle at an invention so useful and perfect! Thank you, Marie!


Chad said...

Its nice to read a blog post about something not having to do with Pinterest. I tried to pinterest my blog, but it didn't work.

I wish I would have listened closer in sewing class. You make it seem useful.

Dianna said...

When I read the title I thought maybe Yaks had gotten his first set of stitches in the ER or something. I'm glad that wasn't the case. Where has that Lego carrier been all my life! That looks like a brilliant idea.