Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Oh boy, do we get some wind up here where we live! It's rare to get a day that isn't gusty. After Yaks' beautiful weather birthday, we were hoping for a beautiful weekend to enjoy some almost-Spring weather together. Saturday was sunny and windy, so I suggested we grab our kites (we now have four), and head up the hill to fly!
*Warning with these videos, you can HEAR the wind, so you may want to turn your volume down a little *

We hadn't flown them with Diddles in well over a year, and we were pretty excited to see how she would react. When she wasn't impatiently crying for her turn to hold the string, or dragging me over the hill to find the pool (which is up the hill, but it's the OTHER hill), she was quite content to wander around outside and enjoy the wind.

Boo let us have a turn flying her kite, and we realized that Diddles could hold the kite tail and feel perfectly content. We did this for a good 30 minutes.

Speaking of kites...they make great gifts! We've really enjoyed ours and gifting kites to family! Our favorite online kite store is http://www.intothewind.com/.

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Sarah said...

It has been really windy here the past two days. Looks nice through the window, until you head outdoors and attempt to enjoy it.

(Gifting kites is a fun idea!)