Monday, January 17, 2011

Sheny's Baptism

Saturday we had the privilege to witness our friend Sheny's baptism. He lives with Gapi and Lothe as their roommate, and after many months of investigating, he decided to be baptized.

Sheny with his new set of scriptures!

Sheny is awesome. He's hard working, kind and humble. It's been really fun getting to know him through Gapi and Lothe.

Darren Poulsen traveled from Lehi, Utah to be there to baptize him. They met while Sheny and Gapi were visiting Utah last year. I think that's so great that he made the trip and said, "I wouldn't miss it for the world," when Sheny asked him to baptize him. Then on Sunday there was an elderly sister who needs a Spanish translator. Darren hopped right up and sat next to her and translated the entire lesson for her! I'm so glad we got to meet him.

Darren and Sheny
Lothe, Gapi, Sheny, Betty and Darren

Group shot (it's tough to get a nice shot in the church building - fluorescent lights and all...)

Sheny and the happy Elder (Harris and Pierson)

Sheny's girlfriend, Betty came from New York for the occasion. Isn't she lovely?

Darren Poulsen, Steve Brockbank, Sheny, Bishop, Gapi and the Elders
We were laughing at the excessive amount of photos we were taking.

I think it's great for kids to be able to witness baptisms. They thought it was so exciting to be able to sit close to the baptismal font and watch him get baptized twice (since they accidentally filled the font to the "kids line", and had to do it gain so he was totally immersed). The refreshments weren't too shabby either!

Yesterday at church, Gapi confirmed Sheny a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was such a great confirmation - full wonderful counsel and promise. Yaks looked up from his coloring and whispered, "Dat sounds like Gapi." It IS Gapi, Yaks. Geez.

Welcome, Brother Sheny!


Dianna said...

Thanks for sharing this. It is great to see and read good news on the internet.

Nicole said...

so cool! I am betting on great things ahead for him!