Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dance Party

Last night the kids slept until almost 7am. This hasn't happened in....well, I don't know how long! Today I feel rested, and that hasn't happened in a long while either! The secret? Well, I'm not sure if this is the secret, but this is what we did last night for a full hour before bedtime. Boo danced so much, she got a stitch in her side, and had to "take a break".

We listen to Disney on Pandora when we are coloring or when we are playing around the house. Last night the kids got their grooves on. Their favorites are tunes from Princess and the Frog. Boo's got the most rhythm. Diddles has the arm motions down, and as you can tell, pants are optional. Yaks even made an attempt at juggling, so points go to him for that. Good times.


Diddles has been loving little clips from Elmo's World lately. She loves Elmo, and is convinced (as all kids are) that Elmo loves her too. It's tender. Whenever this little tune comes on, she always spins in circles. It's hilarious. The kids turn it on just to watch her twirl.


Speaking of Sesame Street, I love this song. The performer is I don't know who he is or why he doesn't go by Will or William. It doesn't matter; I like the song. I also like that during parts of it, he obviously looks like his mom forced him to do this music video with the Sesame Street gang, and that rhyming with Grover, Cookie Monster and Elmo is a little beneath him. Maybe he was anxious to get this gig overwith so he can get on with his cool life. Either way, a catchy, happy and cute song.


Mary said...

Hahahaha What cute kids Amy!! is part of the Black Eyed Peas. I think he does that main male vocals. And he always looks like that! What a fun song though! Love Sesame Street!

Amy said...

Mary, that's awesome! I didn't know that. Thanks for the info. :)

Sally said...

he really does look bored the whole time.

Chad said...

7 am is sleeping in? Wow. I would be exhausted non stop. I get irritated when the kids wake up at 8 on my days off.

Anonymous said...

Will. I. Am is actually a great guy. He may look bored but he always looks like that, I'm sure no one forced him to do that.

Anonymous said...

And aren't you being a little judgmental of him by saying that stuff too?