Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Shenanigans

Boo had all of last week off, due to parent/teacher conferences. It was great to be off of our Kindergarten schedule and just do fun things in our "play clothes" (read: jammies) all day.

We made pumpkin pie to celebrate our favorite book of the season, Big Pumpkin.

We decorated sugar cookies and went crazy with sprinkles.

black frosting is just gross.

We read Halloween cards from Grandma and Grandpa over and over again.

We practiced dressing up! Spaghetti sauce makes a fabulous red color for a clown face!

We carved pumpkins, delivered from Nana and Papa's Pumpkin Patch!

Our primary had an activity on Saturday to sing to the elderly at a nearby assisted care facility. All week the kids looked forward to visiting "the grandmas and grandpas". The kids were to dress in their costumes and sing some primary songs to the residents while they enjoyed their lunch. On a holiday mainly focused on greed and ones' self, I thought this was such a special experience that allowed the kids to think of others and share their smiles and talents! The residents enjoyed hearing the voices and seeing the kids deliver a small treat to their table, so they could admire the costumes and say hello. I was proud of both kids who talked happily in the back seat on the way home that they had just "done service" and "made Jesus happy".

Yesterday after school, Boo said that they sat in a circle and passed around a little pumpkin and each got to tell one thing that they did last week. I asked Boo what she said, and she replied, "I told them that we all dressed up in costumes and I got to take one picture."

(Sigh)...well, it was a good picture!


Nicole said...

That is one nice old folks home! What a fun idea to bring the kids there dressed up. I have to tell you, your costumes are the BEST!! I loved all the pictures in the last post. You guys are so cute. I love Josh's face in his photo shoot. Look out Tom Hanks! I think the real Woody has emerged!

Sarah said...

After all that fun stuff: "What'd you do?" "I don't remember." Man, isn't that how it goes.

Dianna said...

It looks like you have had a great week! It is so funny what kids say about their families at school. Even as a junior high school teacher I would laugh at some of the things the students would say about their parents, knowing that their perception of things was probably not accurate. It is really too bad you only took ONE picture. :)

On The Go Family said...

Sounds like you need to get Jane a kids' camera for Christmas! Though she may be disappointed with the quality if she can take pictures like THAT already!

Plowgian Page said...

What a great idea for a primary activity! I'm so glad you guys got pumpkins from Nana and Papa's pumpkin patch. How did you swing that again?