Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010: Toy Story Gang

YEEE HAW! I've been planning our Toy Story costumes since the summer. After all the work and planning and failed attempts, it's so much fun to see the whole "gang" together in a picture. I'm sorry there are so many of them. When we got out of the car for our 20-minute trunk-or-treat activity (it was cold, dark and rainy), it was fun to hear kids exclaim, "Look! There's Woody! Oh...there's Buzz!" then to see their wheels turning when they declare, "Wow, they are ALL from Toy Story!" And that makes it all worth it.

The cast of Characters:
Woody, Jesse, "Alien", Bo Peep and Buzz Lightyear

Woody (these photos require no captions...the character speaks for himself)
Woody's hat was found at the dollar store. Boo and I found the plaid shirt and neckerchief in the window of our local thrift store. We marched in and begged them to take apart their display so we could have the perfect shirt for "Woody". The cow print vest I sewed and glue-gunned together by tracing the back and fronts of the shirt. The sheriff star we found at the dollar store. The belt buckle was made from craft foam and a binder clip glue-gunned to the back. The jeans and boots were his.

Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear to duh rescue!

To infimity (NOT a type-o), and beyond!

I bought the costume from Wal-mart. A jetpack for these things was around 40$, so we had to come up with something else.

Josh and Yaks sat around one afternoon and made a "plan"and they worked on the project together, which was by far the highlight of this entire experience (for me). Yaks felt so special, and he was thrilled with the result. Using a plastic paint tray liner, they attached the wooden wings and the nylon shoulder straps to the pack and sealed it in with that foam spray that expands and hardens (what's that called?). A towel was applied for "added comfort" :) The details were created with tape, craft foam and glitter spray.

My costume was probably the easiest to make. I found some discounted yellow/orange flannel and cut it to make cuffs and a yoke for my shirt. I decorated it with a permanent red marker.

The chaps were two strips of the same material as Josh's vest. I sewed a couple strips of elastic around the top, so I could just strap them around my thighs.
(Good grief, my hands look huge!)

The white shirt, jeans and shoes I already had. I found the red foam hat at the dollar store, so I punched holes in the brim and threaded white ribbon through it. The belt buckle is craft foam clipped on with a hot-glue gunned binder clip to the back.

Bo Peep
Details shared here.

"Strangers...from the outside!"

Diddles' costume was by far the easiest. I knew she would have to be a small and carry-able character, and when I saw this baby alien costume at Target, I knew it was destiny.
I promise I don't let my kids smoke.
Diddles' favorite Halloween candy is suckers

Head to toe, this one was a purchase, and I'm okay with that. Josh came up with this idea to put her on our upside-down fire pit as her alien spaceship for this photo.

Farewell my friends! I go to a better place.

Happy Halloween! See you next year.


Lin said...

Um. Amy? You are amazing. Those costumes are amazing! Good work! I love seeing a good idea turn out perfect - and I love that you put as much thought into costumes as I do! haha. Love it.

Cara and Steve said...

AMAZING! I AM SOOOO IMPRESSED! You are overflowing with creativity! Love the character pics too! Diddles is the cutest alien ever. It inspires me to be more creative next year with our costumes... Grace's costume entailed a quick stop at TJ Maxx.

Tim said...

These are amazing, Amy. Nice work!

kthom said...

Beyond impressive! "Huge hands"'re killin me!

Marie' said...

I am in awe. You are so creative and resourceful. And your children stand tall and are so proud of their costumes. I love that.

Sarah said...

Looks great. And, wow, look at the facial expression to go with the awsome design!

Carrie said...

Amy - I'm a friend of Sarah's. I just have to de-lurk here and say........... HOLY AMAZING BATMAN!!! Those costumes are AWESOME!!!!!! Great job!

Catherine said...

Those are great!!! What a fun idea and they all turned out awesome. Josh cracks me up with his random resourcefulness. The jet pack is truly amazing.

Amy said...

Thanks palleys. I've got to say, part of the fun is getting to show the finished product to you friends. I know that even if I dressed them in potato sacks, you'd still say, "Great job on those costumes, Amy!"