Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today was the big day! I think I was more nervous than Boo was for the first day of school. I even had the infamous school dream last night, where you discover a project required for graduation that you forgot about. I almost finished the thing in my dream before I woke up at 5:00am (one day I SHALL complete it). After that, I couldn't sleep anymore, so I went downstairs and mopped the floor. When everyone was up, we ate a healthy breakfast, scripture study, chores, etc. We had to run a forgotten item to Josh at work, so we stopped by the store for a few items. I was actually happy for these distractions. Sheesh, it was a long, anxious morning for me! It felt like we just watched the clock and waited and waited and waited for school. Hopefully we'll be a little more laid back after today!

We got the traditional photo on the porch.

Can you believe Yaks will be in Kindergarten next year? I feel like my life is flashing before my eyes!

What are these two going to do without eachother? I remember the nurse who helped me deliver Yaks said, "My oldest two are 18 months apart. The first year is #&!!, but after that, they'll be best friends and won't remember life without eachother." So true.

Yaks did pretty well all on his own today. I think this will be a good and healthy thing for him (and for me) to blossom and show some independence. We did a "project", which consisted of me drawing soldiers, castles and weaponry, worked a few puzzles, and watched a little bit of Sesame Street.

Is it terrible that I didn't buy Boo a brand new backpack? This one will be perfectly fine (Grandma gave it to her on her 4th birthday) to carry the 3 grams of papers that will be coming home, right?

New Shoes (size 1, good glory)

Excited smiles

I love that she ties the waist belt on her backpack like Josh taught know,
for all that heavy stuff she has to carry! :)

Despite my best efforts to be organized and prepared, we did have a few hiccups today (keepin' it real here, friends).

Notes to self:
1.) Decide on the First Day of School outfit BEFORE the first day of school, lest your Kindergartener fight to wear the peanut-butter smeared shirt she wore YESTERDAY (because it has flowers on it).

2.) When the whole family attends back-to-school night two days PRIOR to school starting, be sure to pay attention how you got there, lest you get lost on the first day and your poor, worried Kindergartener says from the back seat, "Mom, how come you don't know how to get to my school?"

3.) Don't have your child write a capital "K" before Kindergarten starts. *see first picture* If she doesn't know how, she'll worry all morning that she can't go to Kindergarten because she can't properly write the letter K.

Despite being a little rushed to get in line (due to my poor navigation abilities), we made it there on time and with smiles on our faces. Boo got to line up right behind her friends, Michael and Kai. Holly and Meg (other preschool friends) are also in her class along with several others from our ward.

Her teacher seems like a warm, wonderful person, who loves working with young children. I'm excited for Boo and the things she will learn this year from her. Following school we sat around the kitchen table eating Otter Pops, and I asked Boo, "So, what was your favorite thing about school today?"

Answer: "We got to go outside and play on the playground!"

Yes folks, her favorite part of school (at least today), was recess!

I love this girl.


Lin said...

Her hair looks so super cute! and those are great photos of her. I can't believe how big your kids are getting!

Heidi said...

Josh's favorite part about school has been recess for 1.00003 years now. I don't think it ever changes. My favorite part is still recess!

On The Go Family said...

Boo looks so gorgeous in these photos! Props to you (and her) for being patient. I got only two pictures before C. bolted for the bus stop.

And as for backpacks? Claire has had hers since her third birthday and it's still going strong. Yay for LLBean!

Sarah said...

You did it. You got her there! What a day, huh...

Dianna said...

She looks so happy! Milestone days are bittersweet for sure.

Marie' said...

Yay, for our kindergarteners. Kai said he whispered in Jane's ear to come sit by him when it was time to sit down. I thought that was cute. I am glad you took that picture of our kids in the line. I forgot to bring my camera.

Plowgian Page said...

I'm so excited for you and Jane. I'm reading along and answering the questions in my own mind. What will my kids do without each other? Not fight! I'm so glad they are such good friends. Emma's favorite part of school is still recess and she's in 2nd grade now!