Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Diddles

Dear Diddles,

Today is your first birthday! This year has been the most eventful one yet for our family, full of big changes (including the addition of YOU!). I'm so glad we had you along for the ride - we couldn't have done it without you! The week before you were born, Dad flew to a little town in Idaho, and interviewed for a new job. The days following, he was anxious to hear back from them, and I was anxious to learn if we would accept it. We went to the hospital in the afternoon, and enjoyed a smooth 7:23pm delivery. You weighed in at 7lbs. 3oz, and 18 1/2" long.

I'm convinced that we were inspired to have you join our family. It's a leap of faith to have a baby, but we really felt like you were anxious to join us right away. I'm so glad we moved forward with faith, because it preceded several miracles. The day we brought you home from the hospital, Dad got a call with a job offer.

Instead of setting up the crib and decorating a cute nursery for you, we let you sleep in a bassinette and used every moment you were sleeping to clean, organize and pack up our house. I felt badly that I didn't get that "settle in" time with you. It was difficult for both of us.

When you were three weeks old, we took a plane ride together and looked for a new home, in a new place...with lots of wheat fields.
When you were one month old, we loaded up all our earthly possessions and I hopped on a plane with your brother and sister and we flew away from all our friends and family.

I know. That's how I felt too!

Together we started to ease into our new home and our new life. I actually think it was an easier transition to make with you along. It was fun to experience all of the "firsts" with you: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, Easter were so much more special with a little one to celebrate.

I can't believe I used to be able to cradle you in the crook of my elbow!


Baby Blessing


But, with all this craziness going on around you, and all the chaos with having two older and very "hands-on" siblings,

you have been our constant and absolute joy.

You are easy going, even-tempered, and quick to smile. I love your cute dimples,

your rosebud lips, and your soft, dark hair.
You love fruit, pasta, cheese, ice cream, otter pops, and even enjoy chomping on a piece of steak now and again!Yes.

You love your pink Zee Zee, baby dolls, and Ba-bas (bottles). You never did take to a binkie or your thumb, but you sure do love your bottle! I don't think you need one at 2:30am anymore, though, do you? Let's work on that, shall we?

You love music, especially music with a BEAT.

You love when Daddy walks in the door. You reach one arm up to show him what you are holding and say, "Ha ye!" Who wouldn't want to be greeted that way?

You still "hiss" to show your like for something - especially a toy that strikes your fancy. But, you've also started to give some nice hugs and slob-kisses, which we all enjoy a whole lot!


You love your siblings.
Even when they barricade you out of their play area and banish you to outer corners of the house when you try to touch their stuff, you still have a smile on your face.

You are the first person they want to see when they wake up (whether you are ready to wake up or not).

They love, love, love you, and are so excited to celebrate your birthday today! We've been planning for weeks, and will spend all day today decorating for a special party for YOU.

We are so grateful you are the caboose of our little family. Happy Birthday, sweet Diddlebrains! We love you!


kthom said...

LOVE it! LOVE her! Such a cute little dollbaby with the best dark hair! Happy 1st Birthday!!! xo

Taylor's said...

I love how you capture each one of your children and they way you write about them - you can just tell the love radiating out of your home.

Happy Birthday!

Sarah said...

Awe sweet babe. Glad she's been your constant this year!
(love the water splashing sigh)

Sarah said...

p.s. also love the months scratched down on a paper each month. definately makes it easy to remember the age and realize how quickly they've grown. I've meant to, but never done that idea. However, you see my idea for school year page following the same way. I can get started with that one...