Wednesday, June 9, 2010


On Monday evening, we got together with all of the families of our little preschool class for a potluck picnic.

The rolling hills of the Palouse

This wooded park is about 15 minutes from our house.
Look how green everything is, now that the wheat is up!

It was fun to get together for a little celebration of our "preschool friends". Boo sure has enjoyed preschool this year. We moved here in October, and preschool was well underway. It was so nice of all the moms to expand their circle and let us join in on the fun.

I was a little worried about taking my turn teaching six other kids along with juggling a baby and Yaks. It turned out, I couldn't have ordered a better bunch of kids. Kind, funny, well-behaved, and polite. Each one has their own personality.

Loves unicorns and stuffed animals

Is quiet and neat. Loves puzzles.

Happy and friendly. Always has something cute to say. I love his smile!

Is easy-going and everyone's friend.

I think this group was just what Boo needed to get ready for Kindergarten. It's so great that she has a little circle of friends to not only see every Sunday at church, but to start school with in the Fall.

The kids had a great time playing, and the parents had a great time visiting! It was the longest conversation I have been able to have with any of the moms without being interrupted!

It was nice to see the Dads and the younger and older siblings, too.

These two were huge fans of the strawberries!

Josh got the kids to gather kindling and firewood for a little campfire.

The kids were really into it!

The kids roasted marshmallows and had a great time playing together.

Kindergarten here we come!


Dianna said...

So cute!

Sarah said...

What perfect school prep! Friends to go with.

Looks like a beautiful place.

Nicole said...

I am glad to see other kids where jackets in June besides us! What a beautiful place (yes, now that the wheat is up).

Blog Boutique said...

I want to see the beautiful part of the country you live in now.

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