Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little Sister

I often ask Diddles during our quiet times together, "What do you think about this life?"

Life was tough for me as a little sister. I was #3 and had two older brothers and then two younger after me. I sometimes wonder if we are able to take a peek at what our life is going to be like before we are born. Would we still be so excited to come?

I was clearing off pictures from my camera today (you know, the 15 shots of fascinating views such a tower of blocks or someone's toenail), and found the following images taken by Yaks and Boo. Being a little sister is a tough job! If there was an application, it would probably go like this:

Wanted: Little Sister

Job Description: Applicant must be able to withstand a crusty, dirty graham cracker face

Must exhibit patience and long-suffering with a runny nose while teething (Oh, mercy, this photo makes my eyes water! Boo and Yaks were droolers when teething. Diddles' nose just runs and runs)

Must be subjected to endless photo shoots with older siblings

Must demonstrate tireless patience and tough skin (I was ironing in the same room and uttered my famous phrase, "She is saying 'no' when she cries. Please listen to her.")

Wardrobe hand-me-downs that are "a little snug" for you.

"Wait a second, aren't I nine months in two days?"

Documentation of your monthly birthday will come several weeks late.

Your protests will often fall upon deaf or indifferent ears.

Your toys will be snatched; your hair accessories stolen.

But, with any job there will be PERKS.

You will be the life of the party, and the center of attention.

We will bend over backwards to make you laugh and smile.

Guaranteed: A mama who is at your beck and call, morning, noon and night,

and a daddy wrapped around your little finger.

Tastes of chocolate milk

You'll be treated like a princess and we'll wait on your hand and foot.

The royal litter

But I'll tell you this, being a little sister makes you strong, and builds character like you wouldn't believe. And if you're lucky

You'll have your own little brother or sister to love someday.

But until then, you're our little sister

and we love you!


Dianna said...

Oh, that is so sweet! The booger photo and the toes sticking out photo are my favorite. I was a little sister too and it hasn't been all bad. I just wouldn't recommend trying to break up two bigger brothers who are fighting by jumping in the middle.

Dianna said...

Brett says that the post is way cool!

Sarah said...

Sweet thing.
Hang in there "Diddles"!

kthom said...

She is that how you spell that?! A very darling baby indeed. I'm glad we're not the only house with toes coming out our pjs...great pic! xo

Sally said...

I agree with Dianna about the photos! Brillant!!

Nicole said...

I love this post and your post about Oregon. You had some super cute picture. Poor little sisters.

steph said...

So cute. Hand-me-downs and booger-ie noses build character, I think. She is pretty-as-a-picture.

Blog Boutique said...

First: LOL, then smile, then cry. This post was so precious...