Friday, June 25, 2010

On the Move

I was almost eleven when my twin sisters were born. When they both became mobile, we called them "The Wrecking Crew". There were no words to describe the quiet and swift damage those two could inflict on a room when working in tandem.

Emily, Peter & Marie - Yaks reminds me a lot of Peter at the same age.

When I entered my teenage years, I remember complaining to my mom that one or the other (or both) of the "sissies" had gotten into my makeup or lotion or hair products and ruined them. My mom would always apologize and then say, "If it's important, you need to keep it out of their reach." I learned quickly that stuff is just stuff, and not to get too attached to anything.

I've been watching anxiously these past few weeks as Diddles has slowly learned how to get around. First the Yoga-like LEAN to reach a toy, then the PIVOT, then the BUM SCOOTS. All too familiar. I still smile and clap, but I also chew on my hair and have visions of baby-proofing the house, and moving her away from dangerous plugs, cords, drawers, etc.

We've got a crawler! Don't you love her soaking wet drooly outfit and petrified graham cracker stuck to her face? I know I do! Along with her newly discovered mobility, she's taken the opportunity to "lay hold upon every good thing" and go after her siblings' toys which have been safely out of her reach...until now.

Oh's the end of your world, as you know it.

Now I have the added bonus of keeping her away from the kids' toys. I'm not so concerned with choking hazards as I am with facing the wrath of Boo and Yaks when she starts knocking down or stealing their meticulously constructed scenes. The kids have found it funny and tolerable (so far), but I wonder when the honeymoon will end. I can already hear myself saying, "If it's important, you need to keep it out of her reach!"


Sarah said...

Tyler is crawling now too! Good and bad. He's gained alot of speed the last few days.

In her prayer tonight (no kidding) Paige independantly include "bless Tyler to not crawl and get the tv cords and choke on them!"

Heaven help me. Literally.

Dianna said...

Oh, and it begins! Good luck.

Catherine said...

Oh that's so fun! I love that sluggin' stage. The twins look like little oompa loompas in that picture. Looking forward to seeing you guys up at star valley?

Cara and Steve said...

Oh my gosh! She is such a cutie!! I'm so excited to see you guys in a few weeks. Grace, as of right now, has no interest in moving about, but the day will come...