Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ants in My Pants

Monday night we were eating our FHE treat out on the lawn, and Josh spotted a little colony of ants, building a happy home on the edge of our driveway. He promptly went in the garage and selected some spray from the assortment of chemicals and went to work. The kids stood by and asked their 53 questions, "What you doing, Dad? Are those ants? What are those ants doing? Are you killing them? Are the ants dying? Can I touch them? Are you spraying them? ..." They were fascinated by the ants, but after a few minutes of them getting a little too close to the chemicals, I herded them inside to get ready for bed. At about 10:00, Boo started crying out in her room. She was in tears and had had a "bad dream". I rocked her a little in the chair and went back to bed. That night she was up three more times with bad dreams about ANTS IN HER BED. Oh, no. Josh eventually felt so sorry for her (or was so tired of going into her room to calm her down), that he just let her sleep in our room. Yaks must have gotten the memo that there was as slumber party going on, because he was out of his bed and in our room around 3:00am. The room was getting a little crowded, and with all the stuffy noses and breathing, I wasn't getting any sleep. I transplanted both kids back to their beds. Yaks woke up and was in an out of our room for HOURS until I finally took him downstairs at 5:30am and turned on Sesame Street for him.

Last night when I put the kids to bed, I shook out all of Boo's blankets, brushed off her sheet, and had her inspect under the bed and her pillow for ants (the things we do). I explained to her that ants don't like to sleep in houses and that they only sleep outside in the dirt. She seemed satisfied with that explanation and went to sleep. She was up twice last night with "ants in her bed". I don't mind so much waking up with her, but I just feel so bad that the kid is terrified of bugs in her bed! That would be horrifying if it were real! What to do? Any of you been infested with this sleep problem that could impart some advice on how to help her have some bug-free dreams?


laurenthequeen said...

I have had ants in my bed and it is not pleasant! What a horrible dream to have. And yucky for you too! What about ant books from the library? Something to make them less creepy crawly and more friendly?

Amy said...

Good suggestion, but I'm torn between not talking about it anymore, or talking about it (like you said). Letting her see that they aren't so scary. I guess I just have to try one or the other to see if they work, huh?

laurenthequeen said...

The up side is that you would know right away if it makes things worse. The down side is that you'll have two kids in your bed again.

And what about the Ants in my Pants game? Or Bug's Life - the pixar movie? You could really go for the gold one this one... make it ANT week at Amy's house.

Sarah said...

It must have been the night for nightmares. Meg ALSO was in our bed at 1:00am and again at 2:00. That RARELY happens and was no fun at all.

I think her nightmares are more of a chosen way to get out of bed and head upstairs when she is wide awake at midnight...but if the dreams ARE real I feel terrible and are like you.

HOW can you calm those fears? A prayer in the middle of the night helps. However three-year old minds still run wild. I do like the idea of checking under beds....and talking them through it...but maybe it is better to leave it alone?.? UGH. I'm interested to read further bits of advice. Because obviously this rambling is of little help;)

Amy said...


Lauren called w/ another suggestion: The book the Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream might be a helpful book to chase the bad dream fears away!? I reserved it at the library.

Sally Anderson said...

I used to be scared of ants. Finally Dad told me to pray to think of ant-eaters every time I thought of ants. I prayed for that for like two years. :) It helped me!