Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a bit of a washout for the holiday weekend with cool temps and rain. When Monday rolled around, we didn't really have anything planned. We had gone to a singles' ward reunion on Friday. We got all the yardwork, shopping, cleaning done (the house was all clean for maybe five minutes) on Saturday. Boo gave her first talk in Primary on Sunday. Monday morning it was drizzling a little too much to take the kids to the cemetery, so we went to Fat Cats (bowling/arcades/pizza) for a few hours with Nana & Papa and Co.

Yaks is really happy to be here and to have his picture taken!

Boo quickly chose her bowling ball . Pink! Oh, what a surprise!

Bowling with kids is the ultimate test in their ability to take turns.
Fortunately, they were so excited to see pins crashing down, they did
n't care too much whose turn it was.

Josh, Boo, Yaks and Cousin Emma
This bowling fun is hard work, guys

Following very short naps, some dinner and FHE, the skies cleared a bit and we went outside for some fun. Josh rigged up a little tee for the kids to practice their swing.

"Hi mom, look-a me!"

Is this a Father's Day card or what?

Look at that face. Love it.

Boo has skills. I don't know where she got it, but this girl can THROW...with accuracy. I flinch when she throws me the ball. I was excited to see what she could do w/ a bat and a target other than her brother.

Oh wait, first we've gotta get every button on that sweater buttoned properly.
A girls' gotta be dressed to play ball, you know.

She made several tries batting right-handed, but she failed to connect with the ball.

Josh thought she might prefer batting left-handed

And there it goes!

Nice one, Boo.


love.boxes said...

good job Boo!

Sarah said...

I'll have to get Matt to rig up some kind of a tee like that. I'm sure Meg would be all over it. Looks like fun.
Bowling alos looks like a good time...even with the ran forcing you inside (on a side-note your hair looks cute pulled back like that).

Tim said...

Looks like fun, Ames. Glad you all made something of the holiday. I was up in Logan planning to do yard work with Mom and Dad, but, alas, rain. We read books, ate food, and took a spin through the finished backyard instead.

steph said...

Baseball is really about having your sweater just right. I:) 'm impressed with her left handed skills! Fun family baseball game.