Saturday, April 26, 2008

Honor Flight

I saw the most touching news story on Friday's NBC Nightly News "Making a Difference". A retired Army Air Force Captain Earl Morse is making it possible for WWII veterans who lack the resources to fly to Washington, DC to see the WWII memorial. The program is called "Honor Flight" and they cover airfare and expenses so that the "Greatest Generation" has the opportunity to see their memorial.

We took Pop to go see it when he and Grandma flew out to DC for James and Heather's wedding. It was such a special day.
It is a reverent and beautiful memorial, and it was wonderful to see all of the aged, shuffling men and their wives, and each with a unique story of sacrifice and bravery, but each sharing a common bond of being WWII veterans.
Peter, Andy, Amy, Jon
Grandma & Pop

I was touched to see that the younger people would step aside and let the veterans have the front row. Countless visitors said, "Thank you for your service" to Pop, and I remember one young man who asked him several questions and was hanging on Pop's every word!

It brings tears to my eyes that so many WWII veterans were never able to see their memorial (or still might never due to lack of resources or poor health). I'm grateful Pop was able to see it before he passed away. I'm so happy that someone is doing something to help those who might not be able to see it! What a great example of filling a need.


love.boxes said...

What a great post Amy! and what a fabulous cause. I've always wanted to go see that myself. :)

Anonymous said...

I got kindof teary reading that. How cool and how neat!

Sarah said...

Those are some great pictures with your grandparents. I was always a bit jealous that your family got to live so close to so many neat things. Glad you got to see that news special...and more importantly that you got to take your Pop to it really!

kthom said...

Man, I would have loved to see that. I'm tellin ya, anything having to do with the WW11 generation warms my heart. What a great trip with your darling g-parents. I sure wish grandpa Len could have seen DC before he died, he would have loved it. Sweet mems :)

steph said...

That's awesome. I'm sorry I missed the program on Friday. What special memories for you with your Grandpa. Priceless.

Jennifer said...

Hi! I hope you don't mind me checking out your blog. Shelese and Heidi both have links to it on their blogs. Jim and I actually just saw your Bro. James at the DC Temple not long ago. It's always nice to see how other former Shen. alum are doing. I saw this post was dated April 26th and I was just at the WWII Memorial on April 27th. Sounds like you were there long before, but, thought it was cool to see it on your blog. That is Jim's favorite Memorial in DC.