Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jelly Belly

I used to think the title was oh-so-cute-and-clever. "Jelly Belly". All rhyme-y and simple. The flavors so fun and unique - each one a little mystery to be solved. "What flavor could this one be? Cinnamon? Dr. Pepper? Op....nope...Cherry. Mmmmm." We got a little coupon from Costco for a four-pound container of the little darlings, and I thought it would last us well past Easter and beyond, since it's easy to do "portion-control" with something like jelly beans. "I'll only eat five a day as a little treat," I tell myself. Ha! Into the cart they went and here's what they look like today.

Keep in mind we bought them on Friday night - four days ago Friday night. Four days and I've single-handedly consumed almost two pounds of jelly belly beans. I'm ashamed. They are giving me a Jelly Belly, that's what! I have to teach a lesson on Repentance in Relief Society on Sunday, and I'm wondering if I should bring the container in as an object lesson - wear it around my neck like a scarlet letter. I think JB started to feel sorry for me and began snacking on them a little bit so I wasn't alone in my indulgence. His snacking was more of an experiment to see if he could identify the bean by the microscopic picture on the back of the container before eating it. The kids have helped here and there. Boo only eats the pink ones. Yaks will eat the sugary shell and then spits the gummy part on the floor. Lovely.

Yesterday while pondering our little escape artist, I sat on our bed and honestly ate five handfuls - just nervously eating and worrying about what to do. It must have paid off somehow, because the child slept all night, escaped at 5:30am and was returned once back to his bed and slept until 7:30am. This is following the night before, when he woke up at 1:00am and was wide awake (along with his parents) until past 4:00am. You'd need at least a couple of Jelly Belly handfuls after that, I think. Anyway, let me know if you need any - I'll send the container your way!

P.S. A special happy birthday greeting today to Kari. I hope you get some tulips, dark chocolate, and lots of hugs and kisses from your boys today!


On The Go Family said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only snacker out there. I'm DYING to get rid of my jelly belly (also known as baby belly) and my workout program is going great, but I'm having a hard time controlling what I eat. (I think it all goes back to being able to eat whatever I wanted while pregnant/nursing with no problems. Or maybe it's the fast approach to 30? Whatever it is, it stinks.)

Nothing gets me snacking like worries about the kids. With a week like the last one (and the continual night wakings) it's no wonder you've needed a pick-me-up!

Anonymous said...

You rock! I am a sucker for jelly beans too. I filled 2 vases full of them with fake flowers and they are both placed in paths where I take one here and there. I am glad to know there is someone else like me out there that loves them as much as I do!