Thursday, March 13, 2008


Cath and Owen came over yesterday for a visit and some playtime. They brought a birthday gift for Yaks that is so darling and fun, I just wanted to share. The book is called DOG. For those of us who aren't quite ready for a dog for whatever reason, this is a nice little substitute for the little dog-lovers in your home! It's one of those fun touch-and-feel, pull-the-tab, lift-the-flap books. The pictures of real dogs are wonderful and the kids are just crazy about it! We of course choose our favorite dog (which has changed several times), and we get to take turns touching the dog's sticky tongue, furry ears and tails. There are pull tabs that do things like make tails wag, and legs move (including a great one at the end where a dog lifts his leg on a tree!). AWESOME! haha. It's so funny. The kids laugh and laugh. "That doggie's going potty on the tree!"

Cath's got two large dogs at her house (Cody and Jethro), and the kids talk about them often and are bummed when they can't tag along for visits. Cath started a new blog and her 2nd post just happens to be about her dog's escapade yesterday while she was visiting! Uh-oh... Read about it here. Thanks for the great gift, Cath, Ryan and O's!


love.boxes said...

What a cute book. My c would love that. She's a real dog lover sadly we can't get one.. AAAaAAchoooo!

Cath said...

I'm glad they like it! I'll bring cut-outs of my dogs to tape in there next time we're up!

On The Go Family said...

My in-laws have that book and Goose loves it! It really helped her feel more comfortable around their four Brittany Spaniels. She used to kind of cower in the corner whenever the dogs came out. Now the dogs cower in the corner when Goose comes out!

Liz said...

That sounds like a book my little Owen would love!It is great to see how your little family is doing! (I found your site off of Tim's which was off of Cath's).
-Elizabeth (your cousin...)