Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birthday Weekend

We started the birthday festivities Friday, since Yaks' birthday actually fell on Sunday this year. JB met us at Nana's house to head to dinner at Red Robin for french fries and "hangaburs". Even the fastest service isn't fast enough when you've got little kids, so we had to entertain ourselves for a while. We had a fun time and got to choose a balloon following dinner.



Finger painting

Self-portraits - Boo looks totally bored.

After dinner we went to Cold Stone for ice cream and a nice lady in front of us paid for both of our kids without our knowing it! Isn't that so nice? We didn't get a chance to thank her. THANK YOU nice lady who paid for our kids' ice cream!

Saturday was party day. TRIANGLE party day.
I made a little garland and streamers out of construction paper triangles and glued it to curly ribbon. Similar triangles were glued to toothpicks for the cake decoration.

I went to run an errand while Yaks was napping in the afternoon. Boo was outside w/ JB, pruning trees. I guess Yaks had awoken while I was gone, come downstairs, found his cupcakes and eaten two of them, and stuck his fingers or licked the frosting off of about five more before he was discovered. Ugh. Let them eat cake!

We kept the theme with the food - triangle pizza.

Presents! Finding Nemo, Cars cars, a new book,
and a toy kazoo & a new outfit (thanks, Nana & Papa)

I made him a triangle scepter - oasis, green, yellow & red craft foam and "gem" shapes placed on top of a small PVC pipe. I think it now sits under the kitchen table; cold, alone and forgotten. Good thing it didn't take much time or money to make.

Nana watched the kids while JB and I took a couple of the widows in the ward to see the Ten Tenors. Tim met us at the theater, and we had a fun time. Sunday the kids were great in sacrament meeting and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - Yaks stayed in nursery (without crying his eyes out or trying to pull the bricks from the walls to escape) for the full hour while I was teaching in RS. He must have read my post earlier that day! It's a miracle, I tell you - and all on his 2nd birthday! Tim came over in the evening for leftover cupcakes. I don't think your cupcake had been licked Tim, but I'm not 100% sure.


Sarah said...

He got into the cupcakes!?! Stinker...but it's a great story. All the triangles look good. My favorite part of all of this is Jane's "self portrait" - good "participation" little one!

steph said...

Cute, cute, cute party! It looks like y'all had lots of fun! What's a two year old supposed to do when when he happens upon pretty cupcakes... and nobody's around?! :) How cute!

love.boxes said...

Amy! You did see me at Costco! What a good eye you have! I'm sorry I didn't see you... I must have been in a daze over the big party.

Looks like your triangle party was a huge success! I love all the cute decor you did! How fun!!!

On The Go Family said...

I love it! You are so creative. And what a great mom. How many other moms would have seized on their kid's love for triangles and made a whole party out of it?

I also love the cupcake story. That is one you'll tell over and over as he grows up and I'm sure he'll love it every time.

Anonymous said...

What is Yaks real name? Will you please email it to me? You are such a good mom. Cute party!