Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hi friends,

I need some help with a few things, and I always get such great ideas from you, I thought I would just post them and see what happens.

1.) I'm hosting our neighborhood book club next month, and I need to make refreshments. We meet at 9:00PM and there are usually anywhere from 5-15 people. Typical refreshments have been a variety of popcorns, smoothies, cookies, candy, etc. I'd probably prefer something that can be plated and served, but I can't think of anything no-fail that's really yummy and unique. Any ideas?

2.) Yaks turns two in a couple weeks and I want to have a triangle birthday theme for him (he loves triangles, thanks to Sesame Street). I'm trying to think of easy things I can do for decorations and I'm stumped on the cake (cut it into a triangle shape? Do triangle toothpicks?), and things like streamers (triangular streamers?).

I also wanted to make a scepter similar to the one they have on Sesame street (basically a dowel with a triangle stuck on the top), but I'm afraid Yaks will use it like he does any other stick-like object, and turn it into a lethal weapon. I need a material that is either mold-able or cut-able to shape into a triangle that won't be dangerous if he swings it into his sister's eye (sigh).



On The Go Family said...

I have a no-fail dessert recipe for pumpkin spice cookies:

1 8 oz can pumpkin pie filling
1 package of spice cake mix
2 cups of chocolate chips

Mix all ingredients together. Drop by rounded tablespoon on an ungreased cookie sheet, 2 inches apart. Bake 350 for 15 min. Makes 25-30 cookies.

So easy with only three ingredients and they are AMAZING. They're so soft they melt in your mouth and they have a wonderfully distinct taste.

I'm making them this Friday for the Elders' Quorum game night.

Not necessarily healthy, but I can guarantee everyone will love them. I don't have any ideas for your other queries yet. I'll keep thinking....

Sarah said...

Those cookies sound great! I have a recipe for a fruit/saucy topping that I served over vamilla ice cream one of the times I had book club at my house. However, now that I type that, the fruit are out of season and would be pricey....and maybe ice cream is too cold? Let me know. It was a hit with the young and old alike - and a very different, unexpected (yummy)taste.

For Ben's triangle party: is it for family/adults or little kids his age??? I'll give it some thought.

On The Go Family said...

The fruit over ice cream idea is a great one. I tend to do that when we have European friends over as they don't like things incredibly sweet.

You can buy frozen berries since the fresh ones are so pricey right now. Costco has a HUGE bag that I get and it lasts me for months (shakes, pancake topping, etc). All you do is warm it on the range, add a little water and some sugar to sweeten it up. Serve hot and it softens the ice cream, too. You can do it over vanilla ice cream and that helps cut costs also.

Great idea, Sarah! Wish I had some right now ...

sl23mom said...

Oooh, those all sound great! Maybe I'll go get myself a bedtime snack now, just reading about those.

Hey, Ames, I have a recipe for a yummy ice cream dessert. It has crumbly crunchy cake mix stuff on the bottom, them a layer of ice cream (your choice of flavor, I do mint choc chip), then more crumbly cake stuff on the top. I do a drizzle of choc. syrup to make it look fancy. That's what I like, easy, but looks like it wasn't! :0) Let me know if your interested and I'll send the recipe.

Good luck! If all else fails, I usually choose chocolate chip cookies. My fav recipe is on our blog!

sl23mom said...

p.s I'm "borrowing" that pumpkin spice cookie recipe. Thanks!

love.boxes said...

It might be fun to make a birthday bunting.. which would be triangles or a mobile with triagles.

There are lots of fun bunting ideas on Etsy.. take a peek. :)

Amy said...

Great recipe ideas, Sarah and onthego! I forget how yummy and easy ice cream w/ a fruit sauce can be!

Steph, would you mind sharing that recipe w/ us on your blog? I'd love to try it!

Loveboxes, thanks for the reminder about bunting...oooh, and a mobile! He'd love that.

laurenthequeen said...

Walmart carries that rubber type/foam sheets of different colored "material". It's easy to cut out and would still be safe if used as a weapon.

And you know how I feel about ice cream and berries...