Friday, February 1, 2008

What to Wear

I found a blog called Emily Style several months ago. She's a hip, cool San Franciscan and reading her blog is like fogging up a window into another world. Among other pretty things to look at on her blog, she also helps the fashion challenged figure out what to wear. We readers give her a problem like, "I bought these yellow shoes on clearance and now I can't figure out how to wear them." or "I am going to Provence, Florence, and Rome for the first two weeks of October and I don't know what to bring on my trip!" Emily works her magic and pulls pieces from websites and comes up with a fully-assembled outfit just for you (with shoes and accessories and everything)! Well, today I'm the star. Go take a look and tell me what you think. I think it's perfect and only wish I had the $68 to go buy the cute top! Haha. Maybe I'll just cut out my face, glue it onto the picture and dream!


Lin said...

that outfit is what i imagine you wearing. haha. it's so you!

On_The_Go Family said...

Ooh, I do love the top.

Hopefully a few more weeks of Kathy Smith's Tummy Trimmers will give me the body to wear it. Of course then I'd have to find the $68 to buy it ... and convince myself a top was actually worth that amount!

laurenthequeen said...

You should print a picture of the outfit and take it to Old Navy, Target or the mall and see what you can find that's a similar cut and color for a lot lower price. Because it is super cute and would look great on you.

Amy said...

Great idea, Train!

sl23mom said...


That would look splendid on you! I love your blog!