Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Blog

Growing up amongst my five brothers posed many challenges. Among them was trying to figure out the big deal behind the Super Bowl. My mom showed her support by making lots of yummy snack foods: 7-layer dip, Que Bueno and chips, soda, ice cream, etc. I would enjoy the food and then find something else to do, or if I did join in, I was quickly hushed for asking stupid questions like, "What does third down mean again?"

When I married JB, I couldn't believe my luck when I realized that he wasn't a big sports fan! He's really not! He doesn't really follow any sport. He can sit and enjoy a game, but his life doesn't depend on it. He's not glued to the bracket or to the screen at any particular time. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. Yesterday, instead of watching the game, I watched documentaries about President Hinckley and started working on my lesson for next week. JB was busy at church w/ meetings, and then we went to his parents for dinner and talked to our long-distance families via Skype. We headed home and put the kids to bed and I was asleep by 9:15.

I checked my e-mail early this morning and had a message from my brother, Andy. He's by far the biggest sports fan of all of my brothers. James follows a close 2nd, Peter is 3rd, and then Tim and Jon. It's hilarious when these guys get together for a common cause like the Super Bowl. So, if you missed yesterday like I did, here it is.

THE SUPER BOWL BLOG by my guest blogger brother, Andy:

For those of you that had the chance to watch the Super Bowl, what a game!! What an outcome!! I received a phone call from James as the last seconds ticked off the clock and we rejoiced in the outcome. As many of you know, I can get emotional about a football game and I have my favorite teams and those that I don't care for too much. So with that in mind, here is my blog: For all you free agent band wagon jumpers that came to New England just to win a super bowl, how do you like those apples?
Bill Belichick, you stoned faced looser, you were totally out coached and game planned. Just watching you have to face the media that you hate so bad was just priceless. You get what's coming to you. Tom Brady, I thoroughly enjoyed watching you get pounded to the turf and almost watching you get your rotator cuff torn. How did that gut shot sack at the end feel? Life is not perfect, and you are not superman! Patriots, the most arrogant team in the league, no perfection for you, no 19-0, no superbowl win, no ring, no more talk of dynasty, no tying or breaking any records! Go home and forget about it, you lost it all to a middle of the pack average joe team that outworked you!! Yes!!! Man that felt good!!


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On_The_Go Family said...

We were grateful we didn't have to feel obligated to watch since we had our German friends over and they're not into American football. 'Course, we don't even get the channel that showed the game, so we would have been out of luck regardless. I ADORE having a husband whose life doesn't revolve around sports either.

Three cheers for our two guys!