Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Be Our Guest

Dinner last night was great! We sat next to a wonderful couple (Donna and Kent) who knew everyone there at the restaurant by name. They dined there last night "because it's Monday". They helped us with our dinner choices and requested the best chef and got him! His name was Mario and our server was Guadalupe. I'm glad that Benihana's welcomes all cultures with open arms. Haha. We had a wonderful evening of yummy food and even better company. Kent and Donna's children are all grown, so they would nod and smile while we shared life stories. They were a lovely couple. I wish I would have taken their picture. Oh, well.

That's Kent on the left. He spilled the beans about JB's birthday.

Word got out that it was JB's birthday and the staff banged on a drum with a rousing version of "Happy Birthday" with a candle in a bowl of sherbet. We also got a polaroid picture of the two of us in a little birthday card. Good times.

Big news for today:
We've had this in our family, and more specifically our kitchen, for over three years!

"High Chair" has been faithful and true - always ready to serve. But as with many things, the kids have moved on to more exciting locations to consume their meals and snacks. They are "too big" for the high chair, and have graduated to the table and chairs. I was hopeful that it was just a phase and that they would eventually find their way back into your safe and secure seat, but no dice. They are DONE with you, High Chair. And so...farewell, friend. We love you. As I was trying to figure out how to collapse you (which I've never done since we brought you home), I found about three Tablespoons of crumbs under the pad of the seat and one petrified pizza crust. Nice. You may now have a well-deserved rest. Go sip umbrella drinks with the water softener bags and the food storage in the basement.
We'll use you again someday - maybe. This is not an announcement!

RIP "High Chair"


laurenthequeen said...

So glad you had a nice evening and sad that High Chair has retired to the basement. Little Man is starting to fight the High Chair and I'm just not ready. There's something so nice about knowing they are strapped in!

On The Go Family said...

Yes, it's funny you mention this. We've been thinking about moving Goose into a big chair and Blue into her booster seat. But I just don't think I'm ready to fight her getting up/down throughout the meal. And I just don't think Blue is old enough to be able to reach all the things on the table. Things to look forward to, I guess.

Sarah said...

Glad you had a great night out! How lucky to sit by such fun people. Who are end up being put by when out for the night often makes or breaks the night (ex. talking teenagers next to you in the movie theatre)

I would be loving the extra walking space/less cluttered look without the highchair...In fact I opted for a booster chair for Paige nearly as soon as she sat up straight and was eating solids. The highchair for her only made an appearance for her birthday cake... Anyways...one less thing to clean in the kitchen. That is always nice!

Heidi said...

I know exactly how poor high chair feels. In fact, our solution was to take the tray off, lower the seat, and just put it up to the table for the little lady. That way we can still strap her in, she's tall enough to reach the table, and we have the extra chair still. :)

love.boxes said...

Good bye high chair! Thanks for keeping people and their food in the same room (that's what I say anyway...) :)

sl23mom said...

Here's to less stuff in the kitchen, but...hello, three ring circus at the table! I never thought I'd hear my self say it, but I have: "Do I have to get a belt and strap you to that chair?" I wish I could say it's only a toddler problem, but my 6 year old is just as prone to wandering. She gets up and walks non-chalantly into the other room. Bryn and I are left hollering, "Where are you going?" Oh the circus.