Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, JB!

It's not every year that JB's birthday falls on President's day. A day off work for your birthday? What could be better? I think it's been a good day so far. As I type, he's upstairs in bed taking an afternoon nap. He was up early making scones for the Scouts, who put up the neighborhood flags. Usually there are about 6 who help with flags, today there were oddly 15...strange how that happens when FOOD is offered at the end! Following breakfast, we went to REI and the kids test drove bikes while JB got to shop for bike stuff. It's his favorite store, and nothing makes him happier than to try stuff on, read the labels, check the clearance racks, etc. Following shopping, we got Boo and Yaks Happy Meals and then went to Cinegrill. It's JB's favorite spot to eat, but I've never been there. We sat the kids down on some booster seats to enjoy their meal, and ordered the corned beef and house salad combo for lunch. JB was in heaven.

Tonight his parents are coming over to watch the kiddles for a few hours and we're eating at Benihana's with my Christmas gift card. Happy President's Day and Happy Birthday, JB! I love you!

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kthom said...

O.k. Amy, so I've read your blog and it's so fun to see your cute family. I finally got the courage to sort of figure out this blog thing. Please know that I am starting from the most humble of beginnings. I'm still figuring out the blogging world so get back to me when you can. xo to you and enjoy your meal tonight-Yum!