Monday, January 7, 2008

A Sunbeam!!

I'm always nervous on the first day of anything: school, a new job, a new ward, etc. We moved around a lot growing up, so one would think that I would have change mastered. Not so - it's never easy. Even my first day of teaching school was preceded by nightmares of worst-case-scenarios (I slept in and came to school with no clothes on, kids brought weapons to school with the intent to injure me, I couldn't find my class, etc). I bet you never knew that your teachers could be just as nervous as the students! The day always worked out fine and my nightmares never became realities, but I always hoped that my own children wouldn't experience the same misery as I did. I remember inwardly laughing at the Kindergarten moms who would walk their kids to class each morning and hover around all the time. I always vowed that I wouldn't be that kind of mother...then I had kids! I don't laugh at them anymore.

We've been gearing Boo up for Sunbeams for weeks. I've been so nervous about it! She LOVES nursery and all of her teachers. She knows the routine and likes having Yaks in there with her as well. As the weeks came closer to New Years, I wondered with anxiousness who her new teacher would be and how she would adjust to the change. Imagine my delight when her new Sunbeam(3-4 year-old class) teacher came to our home last week to meet Boo. She brought a package of fish crackers (the olive branch of toddlers), introduced herself and said how excited she was to be her teacher and how much she was looking forward to having her join Sunbeams (insert angelic music here)!

Our church switched from 1-4PM this year, which has been another worry of mine. The kids did amazingly well during sacrament meeting, and I was hopeful that the primary drop-off would be just as smooth. JB volunteered to take her to opening exercises (he knows me) , and the tears started flowing (Boo. Not me!). " (sob, sob, sob)!" I was called in to assist and sat with her until singing time. Her teacher was patient with her and even inquired about her blanket (Zee-Zee), which she held in a death-grip the whole day. I told Boo that I needed to go change Yaks' diaper (I lie to my kids sometimes), but that I would be right back to pick her up after class was over. I was so relieved, happy and grateful that she did great for the rest of the time, even through the switch from sharing time to classes. And yes...I think I was the first mom to come pick her up. Haha! I need help.

The reunion of siblings was pretty cute (Yaks and Boo are together all the time). Boo ran up to him, gave him a huge hug and said, "I missed you. I so happy to see you!" (insert cleansing breath here) I'm so thankful she has a loving and caring primary teacher and presidency who will help her learn about The Gospel and reinforce what we teach her at home. It really is a sacrifice to work in the primary, and I hope they all know how much I appreciate them today (especially) and every Sunday.


On_The_Go Family said...

Yay! I'm glad things worked out for Boo, despite a slow start. Sounds like she has a great teacher.

Our ward does a "Meet Your Teacher" breakfast the first Saturday of the new year, and that really seems to help the kids feel comfortable. It also helps that I'm in the Primary presidency and was the person who split up the classes ... I was able to make sure Goose got to have the teacher I like best (and that she's already spent time with previously). Like you, I was surprised that 1-4 pm church went pretty darn well!

Dianna said...

Yes, your Boo did well - I got to see it first hand. She gave those of us sitting at the front of the room rather suspicious glances as she listened intently to the sharing time lesson, but she was a trooper and showed her blanky the ropes as she ventured into the world of the Sunbeam class.

Amy said...

That's a fun idea to have a breakfast, Trish. That's Boo's favorite meal of the day.

Dianna, that's funny (I can imagine the look she was giving you)! I forgot that you get a front-row view as a presidency member. Thanks for all you do, Dianna!

Sarah said...

I still haven't commented about this... I am glad that Jane made it through. I love the sibling love after it was all said and done. I hope that a few weeks from now it will be so routine that you won't have to worry.

Meg did really well...Matt dropped her of and that was the end of that. It does help, though, that her sunbeam class consists of other mellow girls who she is at playgroup even as I type they already know each other well. And, bless her teacher who is the most even tempered, kind mother in the ward.

From what I was told, Harriot was a mess. Tantroms on the floor...kicking...screaming for the whole primary to see. So, things could be worse. Jane could try and make an embarrasing show for all around.

Sarah said...

p.s. I also meant to tell you that I love the newly added pictures of the kids down the side of your blog. CUTE!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

p.p.s. so now that you have a deleted looks like you have a secret-not wanting to be known friend. It is just me...still not getting the whole 'all I want to do is delete one comment' thing down. I accidentally entered a comment twice, pushed the trach bucket, and now am a deleted commenter! was just enjoy all FOUR comments from me.

Sarah said...

trash...not trach. Honestly, I am done commenting now :)