Monday, December 17, 2007

You're Still in Your Jammies, Mom?

It was a sick and miserable weekend. I just can't seem to shake this illness as quickly as I had hoped. I'm feeling human again for the first time in four days. I just hope nobody else catches it - it won't be a very Merry Christmas if they do.

JB ate something Saturday night that didn't agree with him and was sick all night long. He stayed home from church for fear he had the stomach flu. We were quite the pair. Our kids perfectly healthy - the two of us, sitting on the couch staring at the ceiling in our pajamas. Fortunately, JB's feeling better and is back at work today.

Cath came back from a visit to my parents, bearing gifts which included my Dad's Christmas candy (Christmas is here!) and a gingerbread house kit. Have you ever seen these before? They were fun and easy. I've noticed that with many projects, I tend to want them to turn out how they are "supposed" to look, so poor Boo and Yaks end up just watching instead of participating (totally defeating the purpose of the activity in the first place). I decided to let go on this one. I didn't have the energy, anyway. I was in charge of the frosting bag, but they were able to put anything they wanted anywhere they wanted. Yaks was a little young, and was only interested in eating everything he could get his sticky fingers on. Boo had a good time, and then they both crashed from the sugar.

Yaks, swiping another taste of the sprinkle-path.

"Mom, are you still wearing jammies?"

"Yes, honey. And I still haven't fixed your hair today. Do you forgive me?"



Sarah said...

The gingerbread houses looks fun...and the kids did a great job even without you having the energy to tell the exact places to put each candy. That is fun of your Mom to send it down via Catherine.
At least one good thing about being able to stay home with the kids is that no one really comes around to see that you are in your jammies...and I don't think the kids care too much.
I have (thanks to my mom's 1st grade collection) many holiday movies here that I could let you borrow and at least give your kids a change of selection.
I hope you get feeling 100% again soon...and definately in time for Christmas.

Heidi said...

Ahhh, gingerbread houses rule. We have been trying to let the kids just "go and do" (to use your phrase) instead of making them do it right. My Goose loves jammie days. :)