Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Tender Mercies of Sunday

Special thanks to the following individuals:

1.) Our neighbor Jeanne, who has two young boys, has adopted us as her extended family. We have been invited to sit behind her every week. She passed snacks to my kids and Bob the Builder toy trucks when things got hairy, and kept and eye on Boo when I had to leave the room. I am indebted to her forever and she is my new best friend.

2.) Cousin Sarah, who came over this week and loaned us a whole bag of "new" Sunday books, activities and anti-roll crayons. Whoever invented this should win a prize. Brilliant! The kids colored pictures, Yaks loved the lift-the-flap book, and Boo loved the "I-spy" book. Everyone needs a cousin Sarah.

3.) JB, who sat quietly on the stand and pretended we weren't there. Don't worry, I asked him to do it. It's when the kids see him and interact with him before the meeting that it all goes south. We actually did well right up until the last five minutes, when Yaks wanted to go see his Dadas. Also, thanks for doing nursery detail for both sunday school and relief society!

4.) The little girl who sat behind us and passed us back all the stuff we dropped, rolled, catapulted over the back of our bench to hers. I think her name is Addy. Thanks, Addy!

5.) L-train who inspired me with the idea of a SUNDAY ONLY bag (toys, treats, books, etc.) I must have missed that parenting class! We had a few "Sunday" books, but I never reserved them just for that purpose. Today was great because all the stuff we brought was "new" and "never-before-seen". It made a HUGE difference! We're hoping Santa can add to the supply this Christmas.


On_The_Go Family said...

So glad to hear about all of your tender mercies. I'm sure you're being blessed for giving of your husband's time so freely -- not an easy thing to do.

P.S. We have a 'Sunday only' bag also and it makes a huge difference for us. Check out -- my kids love this book and have been using it for over a year now. We also like those little Doodle Pro drawing boards.

Sarah said...

I am glad that your Sunday was a bit better. I hope that the things will continue to be useful and "new" for a few more Sundays at least.

Amy said...

Great suggestion, on-the-go! I'll have to check that one out.