Monday, December 10, 2007

Forgive and Forget

Boo just can't let it go.

Weeks ago, we decorated our Christmas tree, and included some glass ball ornaments that JB purchased. We put them in the middle of the tree, out-of-reach of the kids, but while we were in the kitchen, we heard the tell-tale crash of a broken ornament. Both kids looked guilty, but Yaks was handed the blame by his tattle-tale sister. I'm not so sure it wasn't Boo. She's been known to have a stinky diaper, sagging around her ankles, but when I ask, "Who needs a diaper change?" She always volunteers, "It's Yaks." Either way, we cleaned up the mess, repeated the lecture (to both of them) about not touching the glass ornaments, and went on our way.

EVERY...SINGLE...DAY since then, as soon as Boo sees the tree, she reminds the world that Yaks broke the green glass ball on the floor. Then she repeats it over and over again, leaving no detail undisclosed. COME. ON.

Today we ventured to the Dr.'s office for Yaks belated 18-month checkup. (sigh) Yaks was due for two shots, but I decided that since we were there, I would get both kids flu shots as well (praying we don't repeat the Stomach Flu of 2006). I made the mistake of having Yaks go first. BIG ERROR. He cried after his three pricks, but quieted down pretty quickly.

There are few things I hate worse than pinning kids down for their shots. It seems so mean and I absolutely hate that jerk that there body makes, once it registers the pain that they are feeling. Oh, it breaks my heart.

Then I sprung the news on Boo that she too would be getting a shot today. That was really mean (and stupid), now that I think about it. She fought like a lion every step of the way, resorting to body contortions, kicks, flails, and desperate screams.

Yaks looked on concerned, but contentedly licked his lollipop, just grateful that it wasn't him...again. The prick was made more painful, since her leg was flexed and you should have seen the aftermath. Woah, Nellie, I would have thought she received 10 shots with her reaction:

"I...need...a...snuggle!! That...hurt...really...bad!! Sob, sniffle, gasp, sob, sniffle." We composed ourselves as best we could, and I explained that it was all done, that she did great and that the shot will help her so that she won't get sicky. We high-tailed it outta there, but every 2 minutes or so, she would repeat her feelings about the episode all over again. We went to Nana's house A FULL 30-MINUTES LATER, and the tale was repeated. No, "Hi, Nana!" or "Can I have a treat, Nana?" No, just "I got a shot right here and it really hurts!".

I can only guess the earful JB is going to get when he comes home. Maybe our FHE should be on Forgiveness. I'm sorry, Boo!

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Sarah said...

Poor girl. I hate the shots too. And, I understand the REPEATED details of the ornament breaking. Meg literally repeats 95% of any comment she hears (directed at her or among others). So directions, stories, statements all get heard at least 3 times around here. You would think that that many times of something being said would guarantee that you were 'heard' and then followed...but nope.

I peeked at your FHE links. You find great stuff. Keep it up. You are making it easy for all of us!