Thursday, December 20, 2007


In my education classes, we often heard the acronym "KISS", which stands for "Keep It Simple, Stupid". I never thought it was a very nice acronym, but the concept has stuck in my brain.

We went to a family party last week, where Santa made a special appearance, placing each child on his lap to hear their Christmas wishes and giving them a little gift bag which included fruit snacks and cracker jacks. Boo, of course refused to sit on his lap or even get within five feet of him, but she sure appreciated the treats.

A neighbor of ours stopped by last night, who is also the kids' singing time instructor at church. They adore her. She said hello to both Yaks and Boo and the following exchange occurred:

Sister C: "Boo, is Santa coming to your house for Christmas?"
Boo: "Yeah!"
Sister C: "What do you think he's going to bring you?"
Boo: (excitedly) "FRUIT SNACKS....and POPCORN!!!! YAY!!!"
Sister C: "And Yaks, what do you think Santa's going to bring you?"
Yaks: (jumping up and down) "Too-Tees!" (cookies)
Sister C: "Well, I think I would enjoy Christmas a lot more if everyone just wanted a box of fruit snacks!"

Here's wishing you a simple and enjoyable Christmas.


Sarah said...

That is great! Another funny story based on what the kids say. And another reminder to keep things simple. Have you decided to head to the dollar store for stockings yet? Fruit snacks are so realistic and enjoyed...and far easier than the STICKY, HUGE candycane sucker EACH BABY got when they were sat on Santa's lap at our family party...

Amy said...

You know it, Sarah. We depend on all-a-dollar for all our stocking needs (both young and old) We haven't gone yet - I should get going on that before they sell out of fruit snacks - We wouldn't want Santa to let her down. :)Has Paige finished her candycane sucker?

Sarah said...

Um...her sucker conveniently got taken away without G'ma (Santa's bag stuffer) seeing. But Meg got most of hers on her face...before trading suckers with another little girl she was playing with. Take on lick, trade, take another lick, trade, run and hide for another lick...that was the game while the adults played the traditional gift exchange. Thank goodness she didn't get sick from that...

laurenthequeen said...

If you have a Costco card, they carry the Welch's fruit snacks in a box of 80 for $10. It's a steal! We make the hour and a half trip up there with a friend just to get them cause they are Little Man's favorites. Wil seems to like them too because they disappear pretty quickly.

On_The_Go Family said...

I have a confession: I can't buy fruit snacks for my kids because I'll eat them all! They're totally addicting.

I've always preferred fruit-flavored candy (Starburst, Skittles, etc) to chocolate ... not sure what's up with that!