Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Picture Book

My parents gave each family a new Christmas book this year. I was thrilled with their choice -- The Sweet Smell of Christmas. It's a scratch and sniff book! We received this book as a family gift when we were little, and it was always a favorite to pull out and enjoy during December - it's been read so many times, I think all the scent has been scratched off!

Here's the book jacket description: "Little Bear delights in the many wonderful smells of Christmas. From the hot apple pie his mother is baking to the pine branches of the Christmas tree to his candy canes and hot chocolate. Little Bear celebrates the season with six scratch-and-sniff scents.

It's a cute little story*, but the fun is in getting to scratch and "experience" what the Little Bear smells in the events leading up the Christmas Day.

Boo just asked me to reach down her "favorite book" from the book shelf. Curious which one she was referring to, I picked her up to let her get it herself.

Jesus the Christ
by James E. Talmage. Oh, of course...every child's favorite book to "read" during the Christmas season! Haha.

*The only odd thing about this book is that Papa Bear has a pipe in his mouth in three pages of the story. I never even noticed it when I was a kid, but you may want to have that conversation with your kids, should you decide to read it to them. No smoking, Smokey the Bear!


Sally Anderson said...

Amy, I just want to tell you how much i just love reading your blog! you are so fun!

Sarah said...

How great to get a copy of an old book you grew up with! Sounds fun.

Sarah said...

(p.s. hours later) I spent some time in Barnes and Noble's children's section today. When I saw this book among others I thought of you and had to pick it up and peek through it. Cute, like you said. I bet Jane and Ben are loving it!