Monday, December 3, 2007

Advent Calendars

We had a fabric advent calendar growing up that we still love. It's a little bear house, and the bear hops around from room to room each day, eventually landing in the family room on Christmas. There were bears in each of the rooms, enough for us each to have one named after us. I think "Amy Bear" was helping in the kitchen or something. We would race and shove and fight to be the first one down the stairs to "move the bear" to his next Christmas location. I won't mention those who cheated by moving the bear the night before. (cough...james..cough)

I was browsing through some old The Friend magazines today to get some good ideas for FHE tonight and came across a cute advent calendar for scripture reading this month. I couldn't find the original to share with you (it's too old), but I found one similar for you if you'd like to try it with your family this month. I think we will to help spice up our scripture study and really have the focus on the Savior. Plus, it will be fun to let the kids take turns each night opening the windows.

  • Here are the stars to read each night. We're a little behind, since today is the 3rd.
I think we'll just mount our board on cardstock, cover it in contact paper (laminate it), and then do the same to the pieces and just tape them on each night.


Sarah said...

Great idea! Growing up we had an old coke bottle crate (24 small boxes when tipped on its side) that we would add a small figure/ornament to each day. Because us girls took a turn in order, we each tried to figure it right so that we were one who could put in the special Christmas eve one. I am still hoping Matt gets a similar box finished in time for us to start using this year. It is almost done, and would make a great way to show Meg just how much longer until Christmas is really here. Traditions are great!

Pamela said...

I used to have that same bear calendar and adore it. Want to get one for my future kids- would have loved to have passed down the same one, but my mother got rid of it.

That's actually how I ended up on your blog, searching for it.