Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Running Out of Thyme

I love Yaks. I really do. He's a sweetheart. He calls me "mom" instead of "ma-ma" or "mommy", and he'll bring you something he just can't figure out and say, "har du doo." (hard to do). But why doesn't he listen to me? His latest interest is the spice cupboard. He's discovered that he can push a chair over to the counter(a no-no), climb up (another no-no), open the cupboard, select a shiny container, select a spout from three flip-top choices and POUR spices all over the kitchen (NO, NO, NO!). The boy needs constant supervision. Our first mishap was with onion powder. Onion powder poured into the toaster. Nothing like an onion-y flavor added to your cinnamon raisin muffin! Then it was steak seasoning. JB had to clean that one up. Today after I changed his diaper, sent him downstairs to find Boo, sorted ONE load of laundry, I went downstairs to find that the spice of the day was Thyme., my blood pressure)! I can't tell you how many times I have firmly admonished him that little kids DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN! "We heeded them not." Green, powdery goodness had dusted the oven, the drawer underneath, all my cookie sheets, muffin tins and finally the floor. I don't know why it's taken me so long to just MOVE the spices to a higher cupboard, but it's happening. TODAY. I'm just glad that the oven wasn't on. And that the spice wasn't curry.

There's this great picture book that fits him to a T. It's called "No David" about all the things this kids' mom used to yell at him for doing. The final page says "Yes David, I love you." And I love you too, Yakkers.


laurenthequeen said...

Have you tried "time-out"? We try to use it with Little Man. One specific chair and the kitchen timer, usually just a minute or two. He hates having to sit still like that. It doesn't always stop what I want it to, but at the least it gives me a minute or two to calm down and start the clean up.

I have a feeling we are going to have similar issues in the new apartment. Right now, it's the kitchen table, but we have NO counter space. We'll see what happens when we have more space and Monkey wants to practice his climbing abilities.

Amy said...

Train, Yes time-out has become a necessity. Boo never even needed timeout until she was well past two years old. It just goes to show that "every child is different."

love.boxes said...

I have a little neice who loves to throw eggs in the kitchen.. it could be worse. Interesting that he love the spices.. maybe a budding chef. That would be pretty great!

On_The_Go Family said...

Oh my goodness -- do our kids know how to test us or what?

Blue is on the verge of walking and I can tell trouble is a brewing ... I'm not sure I'm ready to chase TWO running toddlers!