Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Cup of Tea

I received a little box in the mail yesterday from my Grandma, which contained this:

The note read:

"Dear Amy, This cup and saucer is one that Pop brought back from Japan when he was on a special assignment for the Air Force in Korea from 1956 to 1957. He would want you to have one, so I am sending you one for your birthday. It can be a special memento of Pop and remind you of how much he loved you. Love, Grandma"

What a special and thoughtful gift! I started crying it was so touching. I've written before that I've been thinking of Pop a lot, since I've been watching that WWII documentary. I miss him a lot. This lovely little gift is a sweet reminder of him. Now, back it goes onto the highest shelf in the house, so I can have it to enjoy for a long, long time!


Lin said...

wow - that made ME cry. how sweet and thoughtful. and what a beautiful teacup.

HRT said...

That is so sweet! My aunt did the same thing several years ago for us. There were 9 girl cousins and 9 cups and saucers left from my grandmother's china. That is so thoughtful!