Friday, September 14, 2007

Oh, Baby!

My cousin is having her first baby next month and tomorrow is her baby shower. I LOVE showers. They make me feel so clean and relaxed...oh, wait... No, baby showers and bridal showers are such fun! I love celebrating with people I love, and buying gifts that will help them with the new and exciting change on their horizon.

I got thinking about baby shower gifts that I have seen in the past and wanted to post some fun ideas that I have seen, received and/or given, and possibly get some more ideas from YOU!

1.) A new copy of your favorite book as a child and a note telling about why you loved it.

2.) A framed picture of the temple or of the Savior for the baby's room.

3.) If you are into beading, make matching bracelets for mommy and baby (girl). (JB actually did this for us when Boo was born - he had a little help)

4.) Diaper Bag Essentials - Diapers, wipes, binkies, burp clothes, sanitizing gel, a toy.

5.) Medicine Cabinet - baby Tylenol, aspirator, humidifier, desitin, baby orajel, etc

6.) Baby Bath - washcloth, towel, baby wash, lotion, grooming kit.

7.) Sports - get socks and a onesie for the parents' favorite sports team, and a toy ball.

8.) A soft, snuggly blanket that you crocheted or have the baby's name stitched onto the corner. (this is a picture of the blanket Lauren made for Boo. Isn't it pretty?)
9.) A gift you couldn't do without as a mom - Swaddle Me, Baby Bjorn, Safe Feeder (what else am I forgetting?)

10.) Some "help" books like:

11.) A Postpartum Recovery Gift - Probably not the ideal shower gift, but a VERY thoughtful one - pads, breast pads, ointment, cozy socks, new casual outfit (a little larger), a new movie, chocolate.

12.) Gift for Mom - her favorite candy (pour it into a baby bottle and tie it to the gift), magazines, lotion/bubble bath, a movie.

13.) If it's not the mom's first baby, it's nice to get a gift for the siblings - a box of fun cereal, a movie, a small toy or activity from all-a-dollar. It's so nice to remember the siblings, who don't get as much attention.

14.) A baby's first year calendar is fun, or just a pretty notebook for mom to record memories and fun moments, quotes, etc.

15.) If you know the mom well, you can print out pictures of her family members and put it in a tiny photo album for the baby. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, a picture of the temple and one of Christ.

What are some other ideas that you have seen/given/received?


Onthego Family said...

My boss made a diaper cake for me (each diaper rolled up and tied with a bow, shaped into a three-tiered cake). I actually made one of these for a friend, so it can't be that hard! (Though my mom was there helping ...)

You can go simple (just diapers) or add all sorts of trinkets (pacifiers, bottles, rattles, teether, thermometer, etc). Mom can pull the tower apart and use the diapers later so it's the gift that keeps on giving.

P.S. Using larger diapers makes it easier to roll and tie them up.

Onthego Family said...

Another cute one ... a friend of ours got each of our kids a tote bag from LLBean with their name embroidered on it. It's a small tote, perfect to bring to church stuffed with toys, snacks, etc. Eventually it would even be a good scripture bag!

Amy said...

On the go mom-- What thoughtful and unique ideas! I've seen those diaper cakes online, but they looked really difficult to make. I'm glad to hear they aren't as bad as I feared. I've seen those little totes in LLbean. I have a large one and I use it all the time!