Monday, August 20, 2007

My Sissies

I was 10 when my Marie and Emily joined our family as the youngest siblings. The “sissies” are still the cutest little babies I have ever seen. I was my mom’s little helper and there was nothing I loved more than helping her with those babies. I mean, what 10-year-old wouldn’t love identical twin baby girls? Honestly. I didn’t even mind getting up and helping my mom with them in the middle of the night when my dad was out of town, or walking the halls with them in the evening during their "fussy time" (I guess I used to be able to function on less sleep in those days). I potty trained both of them when they were three by simply saying, “You’re too big for diapers. Sit on the toilet.” They were trained in a matter of days. (sigh) If only it was so easy with my own daughter! We played puppy dogs and let Marie dress up at "Belle" every day for months and months. We still marvel that they continue to have favorite movies, which they will watch over and over and over AND OVER again until everyone is so sick of it, they mysteriously...disappear!

They turned 20 this weekend and are now working jobs and going to school, wearing makeup and dating. They don't read this blog, they are too busy "texting". It’s crazy how time flies and how fast they grow. But, no matter what, they’ll still always be my “sissies”. "hpy brthdy, grlz!"

P.S. "sry abt the red eye!"

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mothergoose said...

LOL, love the texting spelling at the end! You're a crack up!

I bet you were the best big sister ever.